some really cool videos you should watch

I thought I would share the love today and compile a post of some of the more creative and inspiring videos on my favourites list. Some of these are a bit alternative, but I just love them so much.


Thanks, I Just Threw It On! - Arden Rose

I actually didn't use to be a fan of Arden, but her videos have definitely grown on me. She did this video with Smashbox, which I think gives youtubers the opportunity to 'up their production' a little more than usual for a video they film in studio. I love the way Arden has gone with this one, it's so vintage and different, it reminds me of Wes Anderson!

Inside The Wardrobe Of Suki Waterhouse - British Vogue

This series on the British Vogue YouTube channel gives me LIFE. I love having a peek into all the models' and celebrities' wardrobes, but there is something I love about Suki. It's probably that she is just gorgeous and I wish my hair looked like hers. Oh and my wardrobe too.

Vans x ASOS 50 Years of Vans - ASOS

This one is just a really really cool video, it makes me want to ride a skateboard!

At Long Last Super 8 - Bertie Gilbert

Bertie is without a doubt one of my favourite film makers. If you feel sad or don't mind getting really deep, definitely watch his films. This isn't really one of his actually films, and it's happy don't worry! I wish more than anything that I could own and make a film with a Super 8 camera, but I wouldn't know where to start. Instead I just keep watching videos like this!

I've Run Out Of Ideas - Connor Franta

Oh Connor, everything you do is amazing. This short little video he made recently inspired me so much, I don't really know why. 

What I Wore In London - Arden Rose

Another video from Arden, I LOVE THIS ONE! It was filmed/made by her boyfriend Will (another really cool film maker) and I can't get over how nice it is. Just watch!

I hope you enjoyed a few of my weird little video favourites and they led you down into the vortex of the never ending video-watching-chain! Don't forget to leave any of your favourite videos below.

- Chloe