my school work 2016

You don't know how thoroughly excited I am to be back writing a blog post again. Those times I said I was busy and overwhelmed in the past - It wasn't even close to this past two weeks. I pulled all nighters (do not recommend) and poured all of my creativity into my school work. Since I don't talk about what I do at school I thought it may be interesting to show you what I have actually been up to all year. I am going to go through my favourite subjects (the others are boring but there's still a lot of work in them too) and show you the finished products.

So I was in Year 13 (Year 12 in Aus) which is the last year of high school. You have 6 periods, so 6 subjects. I took English, Photography, Painting, Design, Spatial & Product Design and a study period. 4 out of my 6 subjects were art based - I was the only one in my school doing all 4 arts available which is maybe why I went so insane. For each art subject you have to complete a portfolio at the end of the year which is 3 A1 panels taped together. You work on it throughout the year and put it together at the end. The only brief is to show development from the start of your first panel to the end of panel 3. Making any sense?! Hopefully it will soon!


Painting was definitely the most labour-intensive board to complete, as it's not something you can do all at last minute (although a little someone I know did just that). I was working up until the night before, I left my school art room at about 10:30pm when some of my friends stayed even later. 

I guess there isn't a story behind my panels for painting, but I did stick with a colour palette (straying away from my pinks guys!!) and the same subject matter the whole way through. You start the top of panel 1 with drawings and basically your paintings get bigger and bigger as the year goes on which is pretty much because of time pressure. PS. I am really sorry about the quality of this photo - I took the 3 panels as seperate photos on my phone as soon as I finished at night because the boards have to be sent away. Unfortunately it doesn't show all the detail and the right colours but oh well :(


Photography was surprisingly hard for me this year, I worked with 4 different concepts but none of them really ended up working, so my final concept was a bit of a rush. I would have loved to have gone more colourful and wacky but I am happy with the direction I went down too. It starts with the figures almost being robotic: stuck in a routine and bored out of their minds (sounds like school haha) working into a more chaotic atmosphere on the second panel and exhaustion on the third. But it's a very loose concept so feel free to interpret it how you like!


Design was also tricky for me this year (2016 has not been my year!) because again I started with a few completely different concepts. I began with jewellery but since I am not really a jewellery wearer myself, I wasn't driven enough to really get into the design. I went through several aesthetics and briefs until I got to doing a skincare brand. I loved the likes of Glossier and Milk Makeup so I had a go at going down the route of a fresher design style like theirs rather than Aesop which I see as a more rustic, minimalist and nature based company. Looking at it now I would like to have explored more texture in my designs - I even started with a bright red and pale pink as my colour palette so I wish I kept that in.

So that's all I'm going to show you for now, I hope you enjoyed seeing some of what I have produced this year at school. I don't get my results until mid January next year so cross fingers! I would love to know how different your art courses are if you take any.

Until next time! - Chloe