melbourne take 2

Ever since I returned from Melbourne I have been trying to sit down and film a video - a mixture of a haul and an explanation of what I got up to during my stay. Obviously, that just hasn't happened yet for numerous reasons, so I thought I would do a blog post on my quick little trip.

day 1

I started by heading to Ikea - a must when you haven't been since FEBRUARY (I'm obsessed with Ikea if you didn't already know). I had chicken meatballs and a carton of elderflower juice and cooled off from the humid day I definitely wasn't used to. I then met up with Lachie on Degraves St and we immediately started walking around and talking like we had always been friends. We stopped off at Aesop first where we were given the cutest little almond biscuits and a cup of water (so lovely?!) and I purchased an orange hand cream so of course it appeared in all of my photos that day. We had a break at MPavilion - a temporary shelter type thing and waited for the rain to stop before we made our way to Muji and shopped up a storm. It was so much fun - I picked up endless bits and bobs. After a lychee bubble tea (my favourite) I said goodbye to Lachie and caught a tram home.

day 2

I woke up at 5:50am which is way too early for me and went straight to the city to meet my friend at Flinders Street Station. We had breakfast in Degraves St then had an absolute drama trying to find the right tram to get to Brunswick on time. We ended up taking a taxi (that's how desperate it got) and luckily arrived on time to the RMIT campus. After finding the right building and waiting for my interview time slot, we then discovered the building had been changed, so we ran to the new location and finally found the right place. The interview went well and so we got on our way to the next interview, which we knew we were going to be late to. After catching a tram and running several blocks to find ourselves in a seriously dodgy alley, at the end was where we needed to be. Luckily the interviewer was very relaxed and super super nice, so the interview began immediately. This one was for Visual Merchandising - my first choice. It was going well and they were so nice about my folio, which calmed me down considerably since I was red in the face from running up 5 flights of stairs only a few minutes before. About halfway through, I was offered a place in the course which was a huge surprise! I teared up a bit and left to tell my friend that I got a place. I also immediately phoned my mum and she cried on the phone, so I was relieved and very happy to say the least! 

By this time it was around 1pm and we had had nothing to eat since 8am so we went straight to a store we saw on the way and bought cold drinks and ice cream and sat on a shaded bench laughing about how ridiculous our morning had been.

We spent the next few hours walking around the city, before I dropped my friend off at the station. I felt like doing a little bit of shopping so I went to Daiso, magnation, COS and Comme des Garcons where I finally bought the t-shirt I had been saving for as a treat for getting into uni!

day 3

For my last full day in Melbourne I met up with Chessie in Hawthorn. Readings bookshop is my absolute favourite, so we went there and had breakfast/lunch in the attached cafe. It was so nice to finally meet up with Chessie after knowing each other online for a few years now, we had so much fun walking about together. 

After the bookshop we decided to head to the city centre by train, so we arrived at Flinders St station where we came across the BEST subway ever - it was pink tiled so I kind of screamed. After our photo session we went shopping for the day and seriously tired ourselves out. My favourite part was when we realised we needed a photo together, so I plucked up the courage to ask a guy handing out leaflets on the street to take a photo of us against this random white wall (literally the only one we could see). We had to wait for a gap in all the people walking by but luckily this guy knew what he was doing and took a burst of photos on my phone. (When I told my parents about this they got angry and said that he could have stolen my phone but in the moment I didn't even think of that so I'm lucky it all went well!) Chessie and I finally had a photo together so we were happy. We parted ways after finding my tram and waiting until there was one with a tiny bit more room in it.


So that was my jam-packed trip to Melbourne, with the goal of having my uni interviews and getting around the city by myself I think everything went super well! Those 3 days made me beyond excited to move over and start my studies in such an exciting city. It still feels so surreal that I was offered a place in a course that sounds like a dream to me. Now for the planning and finalising to begin before I start the big move next month!

- Chloe