Hello everyone - long time no talk! An awful lot has happened since the last time I posted here, but don't worry I didn't forget about you all! If you have been reading my blog for a while, you would know that I have always always dreamt of going to Melbourne. The day came and I just loved it so much; I was trying to figure out a way to involve my blog in talking about Melbourne too, because I had already decided I was going to vlog for my YouTube channel. I thought showing you all a few pictures on here and explaining the vlog a bit more would be perfect, because I didn't end up talking much in the video. I hope you enjoy watching/reading along with the vlog, and let me know if you want to see a few of the things I bought from gorgeous shops like COS, Muji, Aesop and Ikea that I would love to show you all! And PS. this is going to be a long post. Read if you dare. (and watch the vlog here)

Day one

The first day I am counting as the travel day, where we did nothing but get to Melbourne (which was a bit of a mission). I went with my Mum, and we spent 11 hours getting there from when we left home to when we arrived at where we were staying. 2 hours on a bus, 2 hours at the airport, 3 hours on a plane, 2 hours in the airport and 1 hour driving.

Day two

The second day was our first shopping day, and we had an interview booked at Swinburne University in Hawthorn. The main purpose of the trip was to check out the unis and where I could possibly be living. I actually loved Hawthorn, I went to an amazing art supply shop, an AMAZING book shop called Readings, and had lunch at a cafe called Second Empire. Our meeting at Swinburne was 45 minutes late due to us being in the wrong place (not our fault!) but it was super helpful to learn about how I would apply. We also found out that the campus the course I want to do is at is actually 2 hours away by public transport, so unless it moves to the Hawthorn campus next year, Swinburne is pretty much off the list :(

I also finally got to try a Pressed Juice! I was expecting to see one a few days later, but came across one in Hawthorne and just had to go in! I tried one called earth 4, which was beetroot. It was really yummy! But I guess I am used to dirt-tasting juices because I do juicing at home, so I don't know what that means...?!

Day three

This was one of my favourite days, because we headed into the city to go to the Emporium, which is a huge shopping mall. And I can confirm it was gorgeous. I had to head straight to Aesop, because omg. It was absolutely beautiful, you get offered a cup of herbal tea as you walk in, and the staff are lovely. One of the girls who worked in there actually goes to RMIT and had loads of amazing advice and also suggested an Interior Architecture course, which I am going to look into! I bought a few things while in there, and walked out all moisturised and smelling yummy.

We also went to a lot more shops in the Emporium, including Gorman, Marimekko, Seed Heritage, Kikki.K and Muji. I have been wanting to go to Muji for ages, and oh my it is just perfect. It's basically loads of little japanese bits and bobs, including clothes, stationery, skincare, storage etc. After getting home and trying the pens and notebooks I wish I bought 10 of each, they are perfect.

Then just outside the Emporium was H&M (such a beautiful building with a marble staircase!!!) Acne Studios (cried over how beautiful everything was) and COS. And boy, COS was gorgeous. I think I tried on six things and I wanted all of them (sad face).

Day four

Day four was my favourite day. We started off by getting a bus, then a train to Flinders Street Station. We walked to the National Gallery of Victoria to see the Andy Warhol and Ai Wei Wei exhibition! I absolutely loved it. It was my first time going to a really big gallery and it was so inspirational.

Afterwards, I met Dominique and Mia at The Kettle Black Cafe WHICH WAS THE MOST GORGEOUS PLACE I HAVE EVER SEEN. From the outside it was the cutest, prettiest little victorian style house, and inside there was just marble, plants, brass and gorgeousness everywhere. I'm not even exaggerating. And you know the best part? The food was amazing too! Everything had flowers all over it. I ordered coconut yoghurt, and on top there were flowers, fig, passionfruit, dragonfruit, pear, strawberries, and a million other amazing things. 

Dominique and Mia were both absolutely lovely, it's so nice to meet people you have been talking to for a few years in real life! You never know what they will actually be like, but I can confirm they are very genuine, funny and down to earth girls. Love em! 

Day five

After doing a few shops on Chapel street the day before with Dom & Mia, I knew I wanted to go back! We started by going to the BNKR sale, which was just so so amazing. Because it was the last day of the sale, everything was $10. I couldn't even believe it, one of the tops I got from C/MEO COLLECTIVE was originally $180, and I got it for $10. Like what even.

After sorting out my blisters we went to a few more shops - I thought my heel was hurting and looked down and there was blood everywhere, all over my white shoes too. So we had to find plasters while I was walking bare foot down Chapel Street. Such fun!

We found the most amazing Magazine shop, with like every magazine I have ever seen and wanted so desperately like Kinfolk, Cereal, Nourished, and loads more that I was kind of just obsessing over, not gonna lie.

Then we stopped at Prahan Market, and tried the most amazing gourmet cheese toastie (a treat for me hobbling around) then our family friend took us on a little tour around the beach suburbs of Melbourne and to one of the Monash campuses. 

Day six

We had planned to check out RMIT in the city, but we couldn't really find much to look at. Since there were no interviews of anything, you can do a self guided tour but it was so hot and busy that we kind of gave up. All I really wanted to see was whereabouts it was and what it looked like (pretty cool, the buildings are snazzy and one of them even had green slime on the outside.)

After that we headed to Brunswick Street in Fitzroy, and found loads of cute little shops along the way including Arro home, Milk & Sugar, Alpha 60, N2 Extreme Gelato (so yum) and an adorable stationery shop.

Because it was out last day in the city, we went back on the tram and did a few little shops including Mecca Cosmetica (wanted everything) and Myer which was HUGE (think it was 6 stories or something!). We picked up a juice on the walk back to the bus stop too, it's so hard to remember to eat when you are out and about!

Day seven

Day seven was literally forecast to be over 40 degrees. I am totally not a summer person, I can't deal with heat. So, we decided it would be wise to spend the whole day in a very cool, very air conditioned Ikea.

I am absolutely obsessed with Ikea, I think it is the coolest place ever. There are no Ikeas at all in NZ, so every time we go abroad I have to go. When I went to France in 2012 I brought back my trestles literally in my luggage, and a few little tables, and a lamp. I'm crazy I know - and this time I brought home a floor lamp and a bedside table. Sorry not sorry.

The rest of that day was spent fitting the said tables and lamps inside our bags, we brought home 24kgs of extra luggage than what we went over with. I don't even know how?!

Day eight

So it turned out the night pretty much stayed as hot as the day time. It. Was. So. Hot. We woke up at 6am to go the airport for 7, then did the extensive 11 hour journey home again.

Well, that was my very long diary thing - I hope you enjoyed reading it and watching the vlog too! If you live in Melbourne (lucky you), I hope I went to the right places! And if you are/want to visit soon then I hope this gave you some ideas!

Right now I am completely re-doing my room, I literally can't control myself. Oh, and catching up with school work, totally, yeah!

- Chloe