free sep/oct calendar

hello everyone!

I am so terribly sorry about the super long break - I’m not going to go on about it but yeah, I am sorry!

As a wee thank you gift for sticking around (if any of you did) I have designed a 2 month calendar - super minimalist so it fits in with any style! I hope you like it, I just needed some form of organisation and I have loved crossing day off from mine so far.

So, recently I am going to give you a super quick catch up - 

I finished the whole Westfield styling competition and it was just so fun, but I have to say I am glad it’s over just because of the time and travelling I had to do (travelling really sucks if you have anxiety). I did not win, but my lovely new friend Abbey did. I feel so proud! I have become really good friends with all three of the other ‘competitors’ so I have come out with so much from the experience. If you would like me to do a blog post about it (I have lots of pictures) please say so!

Last week I also moved house, which is super stressful too. And to top it off, I currently have mock/school exams, which are the prep for my real exams and count if I can’t make it to them.

Hooray! I expect some of you have exams too - if so good luck!!

Download the calendar here

Much love, 

- Chloe