little life update / 03

Hello! Wow it seems a while since I have done a proper post - I have missed you guys.

I have been unbelievably busy lately so I thought I would do a little life update. Here we go!

+ As you would have known, I recently entered a competition held by Westfield NZ, where they are finding a young fashion stylist. I got a call last week to say I made it into the top 4! Hooray! Basically what happens now is that I am being flown up to Auckland next week to take part in the final challenge, where I (and 3 others) have to style 3 female and 1 male models from clothes in the mall, then they do a runway, I present them and it all gets filmed! The films will then be put online and the public can vote for their favourite. The winner gets a $5000 Westfield gift voucher, and the most exciting part for me is the help/mentoring from some of NZ's top fashion stylists! WOW that would just be amazing.

I have also been told that to promote the voting, all finalists will be traveling to Westfield malls around NZ for more presentations, meaning in the next 3 weeks I will be going to Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington! I have so much to say, but lets round it up to OMG!

Hopefully, and I mean *hopefully* I will be vlogging it all, for you to see what I get up to! I will try my hardest.

Now that the most exciting news is over....

+ Last week I got the chance to shoot kind of an editorial for a local hair salon, makeup artist and florist. It was all super exciting because I can imagine myself doing that kind of thing in the future! They wanted a winter theme, and it was generally just an excuse for them to have fun and do something that they wouldn't everyday. Below are a few of the final profile shots showing the models and looks!

I also enjoyed stepping out of my comfort zone a little - note how dark the photos are to my usual!

+ It was also my birthday last week, I turned 17! I actually can't believe that's how old I am, 17 has always seemed like such a mature sounding age to me. For my birthday my family and I went to Queenstown and did a bit of shopping and café hopping. I received some lovely things from my family and friends which I am so grateful for.

+ School has been going okay... I am ahead in Design and Photography which is good, but behind in most other subjects, oops! It just goes to show that I am so much more motivated to do something if I actually enjoy it.

+ Honestly I have generally just been tired and unmotivated of recent. Anyone relate!? SO much is going on yet is all just seems a chore, I need to get a grip haha!

I hope you are all doing well, thanks for reading my ramblings!

- Chloe