first vlog / westfield finals!


Here I have my very first vlog (video blog) for you all! I wasn't sure whether to actually publish it but hey, I did! I hope you enjoy watching it, it is a bit long but I wanted to make sure I included everything on the amazing trip!

This was for the Westfield Young Stylist competition - As you know I got into the finals and they flew me to Auckland for 4 days last week which was just such an experience in itself! I spent a whole day last week collecting clothes, fitting models and presenting on the catwalk. It was just so so amazing - I loved every second of it and I really can imagine myself doing it as a career. This vlog kind of captures the 'behind the scenes' and everything I did on the other days, so if you want to actually watch the catwalk video and VOTE for me, you can go here:

The winner will receive 12 months experience in the fashion industry of NZ and $5000 - and it's all up to YOU! The winner is now determined by the most public votes, which is super scary. I would seriously appreciate it so SO much if every single one of you could vote, that's all I will ever ask of you! It literally takes two seconds, just go to the link and click VOTE.

If you want to take it a step further because you are an awesome bean, then you can vote every single day (every 24 hours), on each and every device you and your family own, and every different wifi/phone data connection for the next two weeks, until 11:59pm on 31st August. Just to make that a bit clearer - If I had a phone and a laptop, on my phone I could vote through my home wifi once, then again on my 3G/4G phone network, and the same again on my laptop - so that's 4 votes total, every day. AND I will love you for it.


Much love 

- Chloe