auckland haul


So in my Auckland vlog I said I would be doing a post on what I got in Auckland! I have also combined that with a few more bits I got in Christchurch and Wellington last week too.

Above are all the gorgeous bits and pieces I found - left to right top to bottom:

Gorman tassel - this cute tassel was on sale in Gorman - I love it so much! It has a gold leather tassel, with 2 geometric wooden beads and one mint bead. It is currently on my Mum's pale pink hand bag and it looks so gorgeous!

Grown Alchemist Vanilla + Orange Peel Hand Cream - I bought this from Superette, and it is so lovely! Superette store is just a dream, with amazing clothes along with homewares too. It was so nice to see the Grown Alchemist range because it is really hard to find normally!

Kikki.K Notebook and pen - I love the minimalist range at Kikki.K, and since I haven't been in a few years, yes years, I was kind of in heaven.

Country Road Marble Note Block - I received this as a gift while I was in Auckland and I went pretty nuts over all the CR homewares to be honest. Hence buying the pencil case too.

Country Road Marble Pencil Case - Well this just kind of explains itself.

Kikki.K Scissors - I have been wanting these for a while now, which most people would be like ???? But if you like white stuff and you like stationery and you like Kikki.K then... they are gorgeous!

MAC Eye Shadow in 'honey lust' - I went into MAC while I was in Christchurch Westfield, and got my makeup done, where you get the same value in products. I chose some individual fake lashes which I had put on in store with the makeup, and this gorgeous eye shadow which is such a beautiful colour.

Essie Nail Polish in 'take it outside' - I received this in a goodie bag and I am head over heels in love with the colour! Recommend 100%!

Country Road White Cube - now again to the majority of people this is the weirdest thing to buy, but for my sake its gosh darn pretty. It's such a unique object to use in my room, at the moment I have my Aesop and Grown hand creams stacked in it and it looks so beautiful.

MAC Eyebrow crayon in 'fling' - I also got this - because I am a bit of a novice when it comes to brows. I always want to do them, but not... significantly? So when she put it on me in MAC I just loved it because it was subtle but filled them in good!

And probably my most favourite of all...

Seed Bucket Bag - oh my............. just look at it! When I saw it I was like to my Mum - I have just met the love of my life. I have been desperately seeking out a bucket bag for so long... but they are all either way too expensive (see here) or just not right. This is not only the prettiest pale pink, but it has gold detailing, and an attached zipped pouch that fits my phone perfectly. I can't get over it...

I hope you have enjoyed watching the vlogs of my trips too. I put up the Christchurch/Wellington one a few days ago... watch and subscribe here!

Life is super busy at the moment, I have my last Westfield trip this week, which is back up in Auckland! I will be vlogging the whole thing of course. See you then!

- Chloe