hello lovelies,

I thought I would do a very quick update today, because even though I have technically been working on my blog all week, I haven't posted.

Above is one of the photos from my first photography internal assessment! This one she is holding some dried proteas (my favourite things ever). I made the dress because I couldn't find one I liked (my art teacher didn't believe me when I was looking at dresses during class). I got excellence in my first internal (hooray)! This image wasn't actually one of the ones I submitted, because I am still trying to work out my theme. I think I am going to base it around Bird Song by Florence + the Machine, which is basically about her killing a bird (nice, chloe!!). It has always been one of my favourite songs and it allows me to tell a story throughout my photos!

On that note - Florence and the Machine's new album is just like the best thing ever. It is on repeat 24/7 at the moment, my favourites being Queen Of Peace, How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful, Hiding (bonus track) and Make Up Your Mind (bonus track). Obsessed.

I have also been looking more into where I am going after school (omg) and for ages I have


wanted and wished that I could go to Whitehouse institute of Design in Melbourne. It actually sounds like a dream. They do courses on Fashion Design, Interior Design and Creative Direction and Styling. Doesn't it just sound like an absolute dream?

A few things that have WOWed me this week have been... somehow (I have no idea) I have over 4 million views on

my google+ profile

. Like, how does that happen? That is around the population of New Zealand?!? Also, Lorde's mum Sonja followed little old me on instagram! I had a little spaz out because y'all know I do love Lorde.

Now... BIG changes are coming soon to a little birdy, so be prepared! I can't wait!

Talk soon!

- Chloe