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grid nails


love aesthetics

I absolutely LOVE this blog, every post is just gorgeous and so original. This post on how to paint your nails in a grid print is just



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menu wire bin


made in design

I have loved this bin for so long (sounds so sad), and well I


everything from Menu - an amazing scandinavian design company that is just *a lot* over my budget.

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the secret to a perfect wardrobe


chronicles of her

The Chronicles Of Her always perfects fashion, and I have admired Carmen for a really long time, and this post really does sum up a perfect wardrobe. Also, her hair is just agh.

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too french to be polit



I absolutely adore this poster, for its simplicity. It is simply so cool.

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bucket in pebbled black


building block

I think bucket bags are just so so awesome, this one made my jaw drop - a tassel


a wooden bead?? This shop is also stellar.

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playtype G poster


the poster club

Playtype posters are minimalist and gorgeous. This photo always stabs me right in my minimalist heart. Just love.

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the office clutch


love aesthetics

I seem to have a weird obsession with office supplies, and this fits the bill perfectly. Functional, aesthetically pleasing


it's a DIY.

Maybe this will become a series? Not sure. I thought I would just show you a few of the images I have been admiring recently.

Also - I started using sound cloud and I love it so much. You can follow me


- and also tell me any of your fave artists so I can find more!

I hope you are all doing well!

- Chloe