little life update / 02

does that date really say...

19 May

? Meaning it has been over 20 days since I have last posted? Can someone please tell me where that time has gone!?

I seem to have been very busy in those 20 days, so here's what's been up!

+ My school had its formal (prom) last week, I was excited to dress up! I went with my friend Cal who does amazing film making and photography. I had such a great time, there was a Photo Booth, and a live band. My dress was made from neoprene (like scuba diving outfits) from ASOS, my shoes from the iconic, my earrings and bangle from ASOS. My favourite part was seeing all my friends looking and feeling amazing - I spent most of the night gawping about how beautiful they all looked! Here are a few photos I got with my friends when I was there! (I wasn't sure about sharing these on here but hey, I did!)

+ I went to see Dior & I.

This movie is amazing and I need to be a fashion designer.

It was such a good movie about Raf Simons and how he creates his first couture collection for Dior in just 6 weeks. A must see for anyone interested in fashion!

+ I have been doing a lot of design work for Visual Art Design at school - I am loving it so much. We are currently taking our artists models and making our own posters for our event. I am SO glad I ended up swapping to a music festival, it is so much better because I can use pictures of the artists! These are some of the posters I have come up with, using photoshop and a tablet.

+ I also took the first round of photos for my photography project at school a few days ago, and they look better than I wished! It was such a relief, as you never know how ideas in your head will turn out in real life. I am not going to release any photos yet as they are for an internal assessment, but I did post one on my instagram if you want to see!

+ There was an earthquake (the first one I have ever felt) with the epicentre in my little town! It was a magnitude 6 and it was pretty scary. Apparently NZ has a really big overdue one so I hope that doesn't trigger it!

I am sorry about the sparse lack of posts here, I am always trying to post regularly as well as keeping up the standard! I hope you are all doing well, isn't this year going fast!?

- Chloe