DIY marble inspiration board

This is just so cute guys! I love being able to stick pretty and inspiring things up with wash tape, clips and pegs - but you can't do that on walls.

This DIY is a super quick and easy way to make a gorgeous board that you can make in any size, any colour and any shape. I used my leftover marble contact paper (

this one

) and some cardboard. You could stick it up on a wall or lean it on a surface like me.

Here's how I made mine:

you will need:

scissors, ruler, tape, cardboard, contact paper and clips.

you could also use wood, cork board, magnetic board, or anything flat you have available!

1. Measure out what you have available in both your board and contact paper. Allow at least 2cm around the edges of the contact paper to fold around the edges of the board. I had 30cm x 45cm of contact paper left, so I made my board approx. 26cm x 41cm.

2. Cover the edges of the card in tape, to smooth the roughness.

3. Start covering the front of the board in the contact, using a ruler to smooth it out as you go.

4. Fold the edges of the contact paper round the edge of the board.

5. Tape down the contact to the back to make sure it is tight and stays stuck.

6. You are done! Now stick your favourite pictures, tags and notes on with clips, tape and pegs.

I stuck on a gorgeous print from

Tales At Sea

, some adhesive notes from Kikki.K, a print out of a gorgeous bedroom and a clothes tag from Assembly.

I hope you have a go, at your own take on this, if you do don't forget to show me on instagram by tagging me @alittlebirdyblog!

- Chloe