little life update / 01

I have realised that I really don't like being apart for so long between posts.

I thought, a really nice idea (that I need approval of) is to do diary update posts with more casual content. I am finding it hard, as always, to keep putting out high quality posts on a regular basis, mostly because I know that I am lucky if I get one post out per week. I know that it is going to get harder and harder too because I am in Level 2. I'd love to do in-between posts about what I have been up to that week. What do you think? All it really means for you is that I will be posting more often!

I prepared a post on the weekend that I thought I would be able to publish but I just wasn't happy with the image quality. It really bugs me! I want to always create beautiful images for this blog, and for you. I will re-photograph it next weekend hopefully!

SO... lets start a new series... little life update / 01

+ For my school photography project we have to do surrealist style photos. I found an absolutely amazing surrealist photographer called

lissy elle

, you really should have a look at her work, I found her so inspiring. Her photos have a beautiful eerie fairytale glow to them.

She was one of my artist models, so last week I had to create my own images in her style. For my actual project, I wanted to incorporate birds, and I know it is sad but I think using (naturally) dead birds is beautiful. I feel really mean saying it but I wanted to have a very light and welcoming vibe to my photos but the content involves dead birds. It sounds very weird at the moment, and I have to find a bird which I am hoping will be easy, but I think it will turn out well! Another idea was to start with origami birds (inspired by

this lissy elle photo

) and throughout the project turn them into real birds. Any ideas?

We had a wasp inside the house a few days ago so instead of running and hiding I got my camera and a piece of white paper. It was dying, so I captured its last moments living. This was my favourite:

I think it is strangely beautiful and I want to find a way of incorporating it into my art project!

+ For art design (which is just amazing so far) we have to rebrand, style and design an event (sound amazing much!?). I started off doing the finders keepers markets but they turned out a little challenging to source images of. We have to use images of the event (e.g. for a ski event using snow and skiers) to make posters, and I couldn't really do that with a market. I asked my teacher whether I could swap to Femalt, I am not sure if it is made up or not, but it is a female artist festival and the lineup sounds AMAZING. I can now use some of the artists in the branding which is a lot better, since I am doing it for the whole year.

I was also introduced to one of my favourite new artists -

Francisca Pageo

- who does just gorgeous collages. Last week we had to replicate some in our own style, and these are what I came up with:

I tried to step out of my normal colour choices of light pinks etc. and ended up actually


the darker colours - woo!

+ Some music I have been loving is: Lose It - Oh Wonder, Papi Pacify - FKA Twigs, What Kind Of Man - Florence + the Machine, Catastrophe - Yumi Zouma and Drowning - Banks. You can listen to them all on my spotify playlist



+ I have been


trying to find a dress for my school formal (AKA prom, dance, whatever you call it) and I need help! Do you know any brilliant dress websites that ship to NZ, any pretty boutiques or more simple styled dresses - you guys know what I like! My fave websites atm are AQ/AQ, Backstage, Keepsake and The Iconic. I will share some of my favourite dresses on the next update post.

I hope you will enjoy these more chatty random posts, hopefully it means there won't be too much pressure to post as much as before! I hope you are all well.

Much love.

- Chloe