How to start a blog Part 1 / Decisions

I am quite excited about this... a new series!

This one is a very highly requested/highly questioned topic, starting your blog! It is a new series, I have planned 5 parts, from deciding to start a blog, to making and designing it, to monitoring it. I hope you will enjoy!

The first 'episode' is all about the decision.

So... you want to start a blog? You love reading other blogs and you want your own. Well, there is no better time to start than now - because why not?? In this series I will take you through every detail you need to know about how to build your blog, your presence online and how to begin your life as a blogger! Let's go!

1. Start a blog book

This is a really good idea, especially for what I will be teaching in this series, to organise and plan your blog. Pick a book to write down name ideas, post ideas, inspiration, plan publishing dates and so on. It is the first essential to starting your blog!

2. What equipment?

The bare minimals you need to start a blog are a camera, a computer and time - lots of time! As the series goes on I will show you other good things to have.

Something to remember: you can blog on a iPad or iPhone but you can't change the design on there. If you don't have access all the time to a computer, set up your blog on a computer then the rest you can do from a device!

3. Content

You will need to decide what your blog is going to be about. Here are some regular topic ideas:

- fashion

- diary

- photography

- crafts

- writing

- interiors

- beauty

Something to remember: when you start up your blog, it is good to have a designated theme, so that you can start to draw in readers who are interested! You can combine multiple themes, or just call it a lifestyle blog but do remember the readers point of view!

4. Name & brand

List ideas - play with your name, nicknames, your favourite things, your theme or something personal to you! Always remember your overall brand and image you want to create and the future of your blog!

5. Platform

Now... there are many many many blogging platforms out there, but the most common are Blogger and Wordpress. I 100% recommend Blogger, it is free, super easy and super customisable for the future. I will be doing all the future videos in this series about blogger too!

I hope you enjoyed the first post in the series, it is the most boring but also quite exciting stage of blogging so do follow along for part 2, where I will show you how to set up a blogger blog, and all your social media basics!

Good luck, get planning!

- Chloe