changes lately

Changes have been happening - a lot of them it seems. I wanted to write a post about some things I have been up to lately that seem to have slipped by this here blog. So, here it goes -

1. I have been doing work experience at an amazing local business called

George & Edi

. They make the most divine candles, I have been helping with packaging, and generally going for a good chat with the owners Sarah and Rose, who are just so lovely and similar to me it is crazy. I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to do such a thing!

2. A few weekends ago now my family and I took a day trip on the road to a place called Oamaru and the Moeraki Boulders. Oamaru is a really cute town that has lots of cute old buildings, and an amazing steampunk museum. I found quite possibly my favourite shop I have ever been to there called Housekeepers Design. Oh my it was amazing. I picked up a really cute Henry & Co. pillowcase with crosses on it that just looks darling on my bed, and a yummy sparkling blood orange drink that had really cute typography on it! (you know thats the only reason I bought it)

It was also really fun to visit the beach again. I live near lakes so I hardly ever get to see the ocean, and I miss it so much. Beaches are just the best. The Moeraki Boulders are naturally rounded rocks that kind of pop out of the ocean. They were incredibly aesthetically pleasing!

3. I have also had a bit of a swap around with technology lately. I have been saving for a very long time and finally had enough to buy my dream phone - an iPhone 6 plus. Don't you love it when hard work pays off? I feel so very lucky. At first I bought one from the apple store online, but it turned out to be very faulty - within 1 day of use. When I was on the pinterest app, the screen suddenly flashed a very blotchy bright blue then restarted. I had this over and over with a blue or red screen appearing so we ended up talking to the apple care people for hours on end and they had no idea what was wrong with it. I also read some apple forums where quite a lot of people had been having the same problem - some saying it was a software issue and some saying it was a hardware issue. After loads of calls we managed to return it to apple. I risked it and bought another one, and luckily it has been working perfectly since I got it - yay!

I also was having problems with my old laptop in that I have to use one for school this year, and it was very big - a 15 inch older macbook pro. So, I replaced it with a second hand retina macbook pro 13 inch. Hooray!

4. I received my results for last year at school, and my exams. I tried very hard last year so I was extremely excited when I got an overall excellence! Ah! I got excellence in Art and Spatial & Product Design too. What a relief!

5. Starting from the beginning of the holidays in November, my mum and I decided we wanted to do a juice detox, and become much healthier. We managed to last on just freshly made fruit and vegetable juice for a whole 15 days! Ever since we have still been juicing, and having mainly salads. Over christmas we experimented with making 'raw' snacks. And they were absolutely delicious! My new favourite things are roasted beetroot, feta, baby spinach and walnut salads, and a 'caramel' slice made with just fresh dates, nuts, seeds and coconut oil. I can make caramel with just dates, and chocolate out of cocoa powder and coconut oil, I love it so much! Some of my favourite blogs I found on healthy raw/vegan eating are:

lush loves


this rawsome vegan life


green kitchen stories


6. Very recently (yesterday) I also decided I really wanted to dye my hair (omg). I found a ton of inspiration on pinterest, and it happened! I now have lighter blonde at the end of my hair - as you can see in the photo at the very top! (it seems like in all the photos of me I am very happily looking to the left - I swear I look elsewhere in the process but the ones to the left always look better lighting wise for some reason!?)

SO... those are a lot of changes/events! I hope that wasn't too long and thanks so much for reading this far! I would love to know any changes you are going through too.

Much love,

- Chloe