just be happy

2015 brings new opportunities, and I am so ready!

This year I am excited because:

+ I get to wear mufti to school

+ I am taking a new subject called visual art design, and also photography

+ I am doing correspondence for the first time, in business

+ I will turn 17 (!?)

+ I am doing NCEA level 2 which is apparently the hardest...

+ I get to keep blogging and talking to all of you

... and anything can happen!

I made this cute little printable print to remind me, and you, to 'just be happy'. Its simple, yet it's probably what I believe in most because its true for everyone. Do whatever makes you happy this year, live life to the fullest!

You can download the print


, for personal use only please!

What are you excited about this year, and what makes you happy?

I will be back with some DIYs soon, and to answer the questions - I will be doing a school book cover printable again!