christmas is coming!

Hello hello!


I thought I would put together some gift ideas from my some of my favourite shops, incase there are any last minute shoppers or uninspired gift-givers! You can shop them all here:

01 +

Washable Paper Storage Bag


maree & co.

02 + Kester Black



Fast Dry Top Coat


Kester Black

03 +

White Marble Stone Notebook


Simple Form

04 +

You Are Something Magical Print


Jasmine Dowling

05 +

Pink Triangle Scarf


Country Road

06 +

Little Rock Ring


Ginny Reynders

07 +

Black Marble iPhone Case


Country Road

I can't believe it is nearly christmas already! 2014 has gone incredibly quick. I am very excited for christmas because I can't wait to decorate, we are not having a tree this year but instead we are having a twig in a pot. There is also something so magical about gift giving, I love it so much! I will probably be doing some christmas DIYs including gifts too soon. Is there anything you would like to see?

Merry nearly christmas! Time to start listening to some Michael Bublé!

- Chloe x