pass it on


A few days ago I was surprised by something that I just HAD to write a blog post about...

So I live up a hill and my post box is down the bottom of the hill, so we go and check the post everyday. We went down yesterday and there was the usual newspaper and maybe one boring letter, but a parcel was there too. A big one. And it said my name on it - what!? I knew I hadn't ordered anything and my mum said she hadn't either so I was a bit confused. It had a really cute little tag on it that said 'pass it on' and the logo of Love Nest. My mum was smiling the whole time so I knew she had something to do with it. I couldn't really wait so I opened it and inside was a really really lovely letter:

This is what it said:

Dear Chloe

We are Leah and Helen from LoveNest.

Your lovely Mum has nominated you as someone special deserving of some lovin'

We wanted to surprise you with this gift to let you know how very special and loved you are. We love your blog and think you are super creative!!!! All the best for your exams! We hope this parcel brings a smile to your face.

Enjoy your parcel of goodies from us at LoveNest and CandyBox.

Much love Leah and Helen at Love Nest - 'Pass it on'

Isn't it just SO lovely! My mum explained that the lovely Leah & Helen from


run a little thing called 'Pass it on' where anyone can nominate someone in their life who is special to them, they will pick someone monthly and they will be sent a box of goodies from LoveNest! She said that she nominated me and I was picked - OMG! I never get picked for anything so I was so so excited!

In the box I received the CUTEST cushion that has one of my favourite quotes on it - 'Oh, the places you'll go' - Dr Suess with cute mountains on grey fabric.

Some really cute wooden christmas tree decorations, a chalkboard speech bubble and a chalkboard heart.

Oh, and some really yummy lollies from CandyBox.

This was quite literally SO needed. I had just spent the day solidly revising for my first exam out of 5 this month and was quite dreading all the stress to come.

I think this is actually the most awesome idea ever. My mum is just so lovely for nominating me, and Leah & Helen from LoveNest are the loveliest ladies ever for sending me such lovely things. I appreciate it so much! Now this is where I ... Pass it on?

You can go to their


(check out how awesome they are first) and nominate someone special in your life to go in the draw to get a surprise in the mail!

Leah & Helen are doing such great things, they run their own


where they make everything themselves and they also sponsor a girl named


in Uganda. I am so glad there are such wonderful people like them in the world!

Have a lovely day!

Chloe x