hello hello!

This post is super exciting for me, because last week I had pretty much the best two days of my life so far.

I went to see LORDE with my friend Michaela in Dunedin, and she was AMAZING. I seriously can't even use words to describe how cool she is. She played in the Town Hall, and there were 2700 people there, it sold out. I feel so lucky that I could have seen her in such a small venue, because she was so close. I cried when it finished because it was just so great, and I love her 10 times more now. She was so genuine, such an amazing performer, she is only just more than a year older then me yet she has accomplished so much. She is so amazing and I love her.

I also went home with one of her T-shirts, which I love SO much, it is black and on the front it has a small circle saying 'Talk it up talk it up talk it up" with a marble pattern inside, and on the back it has a big circle saying "Let's go down to the tennis court" with a marble pattern inside.

THEN we went shopping (of course - I only go shopping like three times a year if I am lucky) and I bought some really cute things! I saw a shop called MintSix in Your Home and Garden magazine and it seriously looked so cute! And then I saw it was in Dunedin - so of course I just had to go. And it was amazing. I bought a tiny Uashmama washable paper bag in gold! I love it.

I went to my two favourite clothing shops - Witchery and Country Road. In witchery I bought some little silver hexagon earrings, and in country road I bought the PRETTIEST pale pink top with a gold circle on it that says 'CRC'. I also got the cutest grey plus socks /*o*/.

One of my favourite underestimated shops is Cotton On kids. You may think I am super duper weird but every time I go in there, they seriously have the CUTEST designs! Man I want a kid. That is where I bought my grey plus blanket and that cute owl cushion. This time I found super cute little bracelets with wooden beads on them, and even though they didn't fit, I bought one with pale pink beads on it. I took them off the bracelet and made a little necklace - it is SO cute!! I think I am going to wear it so much.

So that was my trip to Dunedin! I love going there because the scenery and culture is so unique and different to where I live, because it is a student city. Lorde was just so good, also happy birthday to her today!!

Have a lovely day,

Chloe x