Time flies. Even maybe when you are not having fun - believe it or not.

For the past 2 weeks I have had my exam period, my first proper Level 1 exams worth credits. I only have one left now! I feel like I have kind of been separated from the blogging world too because my Dad has been using my laptop for work as well. So I have my laptop back for a few hours, and I decided it was well overdue to do a post! A currently post.

I love the above picture, COPPER AND PINK ahhhhh! I bought a copper clock too as a kind of mid-exam reward for myself to keep going, and wow I want everything copper now. Love love love!

I have been absolutely obsessing over Country Road. I may have even done a sneaky order in the sale! I am just loving their new summer home collection, the blush pink with the black, white and grey tones are just to-die-for.


I have also seen (and now desperately need) linen duvet covers, especially in a dark charcoal grey, and the more I have read up on them the more amazing (and expensive) they sound! Apparently the more you wash them the softer they get, they are great for summer and winter and they last much longer than cotton too. The ones from Cultiver sound divine.


Mmmm makes me want to snuggle. I have also been loving lots of music lately so I put together a playlist for you, have a listen!

I hope you liked this little post, hopefully I will be back properly soon!

Chloe x