what I got for my 16th birthday

Hello lovelies!

This post is SO delayed - since my birthday was over a month ago. Just so much has been happening, I haven't had the chance to photography everything and also, one of my presents hadn't arrived until a few days ago! So, here is what I got from my amazing family and friends.

(Above photo) I received the most amazing new books that only arrived a few days ago because of the release date of Happy Handmade Home - I also got Home by Beci Orpin which is just stunning! These were from my parents, so thank you so much to them!

The other book was from my friend Rosie, it is called You are Awesome - 21 crafts to make you happy and it is from Kikki.K! I loovvee it too! Thank you lovely Rosie <3

Also the gorgeous mint triangle pot with the wooden lid is from my friend Emily - thank you so much!

Now for all the little bits I got - one of my MOST FAVOURITE THINGS EVER that I received was a Datter Industries necklace - I got the tiny silver hand and OMG it is so amazing. I received it from my lovely Nanna and Grandpa - I love them so much.

I also got another necklace, I think about 5 of my friends went in on it together, it is the little one with three triangles, I just love how dainty and delicate it is, the triangles are brushed silver. I also got matching triangle earrings and I think they are so beautiful! I have been eying them up in my local gift shop for probably a year now. They are from elk. Thank you to my lovely friends because I love the necklace and earrings!

From my Mama + Papa I got a Citta Design Rose Gold leather phone pouch (on the left of the photo) which is so beautiful, a pink and gold soy wax candle from MOR cosmetics in the scent Belladonna, and a matching 'lip silk', a George & Edi candle in the scent Vanilla & Anise (which smells divine by the way!), a nude Witchery wallet with rose gold zip and detailing, and rose gold Witchery stud earrings. THANK YOU SO MUCH I LOVE YOU!!

The other things in the photo - a wooden cloud from Kikki.K was from Josephine, the wooden mechanical pencil from Kikki.K also was from Rosie (love you both!)

The very first thing I saw on the day of my birthday was this card, and I screamed. The lovely Flora Waycott customised the colours on one of her cards to my favourite pink colour for my birthday! I love it so so much, thank you SO much Flora! The pink is just perfect and I am obsessed with the design.

I also received my very first EOS lip balms from my friend Maddy, that she ordered from America, because they are super hard to get hold of in NZ! They don't sell them anywhere but America. I got the Strawberry Sorbet which is pink, and the Sweet mint which is a minty colour. I love them so so much, thank you Maddy.

My main present from my lovely Parents were these Beats headphones. I really love quality sound, and the headphones I have saved up for in the past have always broken, so I really dreamed of having these and I just love them. They are called 'ur beats' and they are the Nicki Minaj special edition (I just wanted them because they are a super cute pink colour!) And let me tell you, the sound is amazing. I love them SO much so a huge thank you to my Mum and Dad.

I also got a cute Kikki.K pen from Michaela (love it!) and some pens from Typo from my party.

Lastly, I got a really cute geometric vase from my friend Bridie, which I love so much! You can see it better in my room tour post.

And that's it! I am SO SO thankful for everything I received, I love and appreciate my friends and family so much and I want to thank them for making my 16th birthday so special. I love you guys!

Also thank you to everyone who wished me happy birthday on instagram or on one of my posts, I had a really lovely party and day.

Chloe x