2 year blog birthday!


Well, dang flabbitt it's that time! The time when a little birdy blog turns two whole years old! WOW!

I can't even believe I have been doing this for so long. I actually feel so proud of myself for keeping up with something. 2 years is a big milestone and I thought I would celebrate by reminiscing some of the awesome things that have happened here, big or small.

+ On the 10th of September, 2012, a little birdy told me was born - just for fun. Just as a place for what I loved, for no one in particular to read (let alone anyone) and to express myself in a new way that I had never tried before.

+ I started off by posting random images from pinterest that I loved. I called it 'Get to know me' and I was so proud for finally posting something.

+ My second post, on the 14th of September was my very fist DIY - a blog planning book. Now I wouldn't really call this a DIY anymore, I just stuck brown paper on a school book and wrote a title on it with a pen, but I still love it and I think it was the best first DIY - the start of a very long journey.

+ I then went on to post multiple DIYs, including washi tape, pouches, scrubs, but when I did a DIY dream catcher, thats when I got a little bit more notice - I guess people wanted to make dream catchers back then! One of the re-pins from that post now has over 2300 re-pins and 460 likes on a single post.

+ I posted tips, DIYs, life happenings etc for the next few months, and I was lucky if I got a comment or a couple of views. I then randomly got approached by Buzzfeed to take part in a DIY position what to do with old credit cards. I made feather earrings (read here) and it was posted on Buzzfeed - yay!

+ On the 12th of January 2013, I posted what is now my most popular post to date - how to decorate your sunglasses. I came up with the idea randomly one day when I was trying to figure out how I could give cheap sunglasses some pizzaz, with everyday materials. The DIY was born. I also posted it to craft gawker, where it now has 1,400 favourites and over 5,000 clicks. This post also got my blog recognised by some big crafting names including Buzzfeed, Hobzy and Huffington Post.

+ I continued posting in 2013, slowly gaining more and more readers, and friends too. I moved house, I made videos, I made printables, and I started interacting with you guys more and more.

+ I was lucky enough in July 2013 to take a trip to France for a month. This gave me a fabulous excuse to start instagram, which I had been reluctant to because I had no idea what I would post on it. I am SO GLAD I started instagram, as it turned out to be my greatest source of new readers. I posted about little things that happened, and when I got back I kept it going by advertising my new posts and things I had been up to. I have over 3400 followers now OMG!

+ At this point I started becoming better and better friends with the most lovely girls I know. I now have so many wonderful people in my life that I am honoured to call my friends. They inspire me daily and I love them to pieces. Emily Jane, Zali, Chelsea, Chessie, Rachelle, Anna, Flora, Alyssa - Just to name a few!!

+ Then I celebrated my 1st blog birthday! After that I also reached 100 followers and 100 posts, so I held a little handmade giveaway and did a short little post about it.

+ A LOT has happened in one year - wow. Towards the end of the year, my daily views peaked and got higher and higher, it was amazing how fast it happened after that one year mark. My views went from in the hundreds to in the thousands in a matter of weeks. I dedicated a lot of my time in the holidays to redesigning, posting and social media, and it really paid off.

+ I kept perfecting my photography and post quality every chance I got. And I still am. I also learnt a TON of HTML over the past year. I went from not knowing what it was, to being able to understand and write my own blog code, and I am so proud of myself for learning that!!

+ This year I have been approached for many things: I am part of the DOLLY Blog Squad, been featured on more amazing sites including Brit + Co, Babble, I interviewed the loveliest Flora Waycott and now she is one of my best friends, and now I have the chance to host a Citta Design Giveaway!

+ Now here I am, 2 years later with SO much more excitement and knowledge, and surrounded by the most amazing community of bloggers and readers whom I LOVE!

NOW, I want to thank YOU! I want to thank you SO much, whether you have been reading my blog for 2 years or a few days. You are amazing and I am so thankful that you choose to visit my blog! You give me support, lovely comments, you help me and you are all so awesome, so just a little bit of a HUGE THANK YOU!!!!!!

What I have learnt from blogging so far:

+ It takes time. Lots of time.
+ It is SUPER hard, and at the same time super easy.
+ Quality over quantity
+ HTML and CSS are very hard to master, but are so worth it.
+ You can meet the loveliest people and life long friends through it.
+ Just do it!

So, thats about it! And, as for the giveaway, if you haven't seen yet, the winners have just been announced on instagram! Go have a look! THANK YOU for all of your entries, there were 576! WOW you guys are awesome. Also a HUGE thank you to Citta for giving me the goodies to give away!

Yay lots of loveliness! See you soon!
Chloe x