my birthday tea party


SO... on Sunday I had my 16th birthday party! The theme was kind of a pink the party, it was so fun, and so me! I just loved every minute of it.

also, before I start, this is the first party I have had in years and the first proper party ever. I am in no way trying to brag, I have been extremely lucky and I want to thank my Mum and Dad so so much for everything they have done. I have been planning this for a very long time, and it was kind of a dream at first that somehow came true. I am just so excited to show you what we did and how I styled it!

SO. My lovely Mum and I decided we just had to have pink macarons at a pink themed tea party. We had heard the terrible stories about how horrible they are to make, why bother etc. But we decided to give it a go anyway! 3 tries later, we mastered the macaron! I assure you there was plenty of screaming when they had feet, they didn't crack and they were PINK! ahhhhhh! I think I will show you some tips and tricks, and a recipe because the last recipe we tried was so so quick and so surprisingly easy!

AND THE CAKE! omg omg omg look at it! We got this cake made, it is so perfect. The inside is white chocolate mud cake, and of course pink ombre. The icing is vanilla bean icing and let me tell you, it was SO yum. If only we could send cake through the internet - someone please get inventing instantly!

SO, basically I rounded up lots of jars, pink sweets, and pretty decorations from Typo and Spotlight, and took probably 3 days total to set up. I assure you, I was in my element. My mum helped me bake cute little food all of Saturday, including red velvet cupcakes, lemon tarts, tempered chocolate hearts and a ton of other little things.

At the actual party, we ate, played pass the parcel (I know, but it was cute and so fun, there were little gifts inside every layer!) painted little plant pots that the guests could take home, played the cotton wool challenge (such a laugh!) and watched a movie. I JUST HAD SO MUCH FUN - and I wish you were all there! Someday, a blogger party will happen, I can feel it.

Now, on with the video I made!

Yay! I hope you like it. It's just all about the food and some fun things we did!

Thank you to everyone who came, and everyone who commented on my photo on instagram saying happy birthday as well!

chloe x