DIY geometric triangle boxes

Hello again!

Today I have a super quick, easy and fun DIY for you. A couple of days ago I found this DIY by tomfo and thought - I LOVE it, I have seen it in origami books before, but what a good idea to make them patterned! And so, I made a few more colours for you to print out and make with this tutorial!

Download it here

how to make:

you will need: cutting mat, ruler and craft knife OR scissors, glue stick and printable.

1. Cut out all of the squares separately.

2. With one square, fold it in half diagonally to make a triangle with the right side facing out.

3. Fold one of the corners down to the bottom point.

4. Fold down the other, then unfold.

5. Next, fold the bottom point up to meet the middle point of the past two folds you made.

6. Do this with 3 of your other squares - this is also where you decide the combination and colours of paper you would like in each box. Mix it up!

7. Now, slip each side into the next, like above.

8. It should look something like this.

9. Now bring the two ends around and tuck them into each other.

10. It should look like this!

11. Glue down the flaps on the bottom and inside to secure it.

And that is it! I absolutely love these for storing little bits and pieces in them, you could sit them on a surface or stick them to the wall like I did - they look so cute! I especially love the tree photo on the other box, it makes it so pretty. You can also experiment with your own paper and different combinations, you could also make big ones for storing lots of things! The possibilities are endless. Have a go and I would love to see your creations!

Have a lovely day,
Chloe x

full credit to tomfo for this idea.