wishlist 02

Hello lovelies!

Today I have yet another wish list for you of things I have been loving lately //

01. House box shelf (sold out) + Cotton On
02. Gold and white washable paper bag + Uashmama
03. Jacho lip balm + Morning Calm
04. Eye heart you print + The Adventures Of
05. Constellations Quilt series + Citta Design
06. Jester Coffee Cup + Citta Design
07. Tiny hand necklace in silver + Datter

Don't you think they are all just gorgeous? Maybe Mum + Dad might get some birthday ideas (so soon!). I am also loving gold/gold leaf, white marble, navy blue and pale pink (of course).

How have you been doing? I am on my school holidays, so finally I am getting some sleep. I am going to Dunedin again tomorrow so maybe I might have a haul when I get back. So excited to go and look at all the Citta Design things again now that I am 200% more obsessed with them!

Also, have you noticed my new profile photo and about page photo? About a week ago, my friend Beth and I took some photos because I thought I needed a change! I love it, and can you also notice my hair cut? I got it like 2 months ago now, I ended up getting about 30cm chopped off (!!). And I love it.

I also thought it was about a year ago that I did my last survey, and I always love to know what you think. You can take it here - it is only quick, and I would appreciate it so much!

Have a lovely day,
chloe x