how to make social media icons for your blog sidebar

hello there!
Today I am going to teach you how to install social media icons onto your sidebar!

Social media icons are a MUST for every blog and website. You want people to be able to find you and follow you, easily, without the mess of word links or telling them in every post. Just a simple one-click follow with the icon on show. Easy!

But, I know when I started blogging, I had NO idea how to make anything other than take a photo for my blog. Trust me, its simple, effective and totally worth it!

Here's how!

1 // First, you need your icons. Now, you can either draw these with a tablet, iPad or by hand and then scan it, or find ready made icons either for free or for a small price around the internet. here are some of your options:

- browse this pinterest page for pretty icons
- browse this google images page for ready made icons
- make your own on an iPad using this or this app
- download this awesome font

2 // so once you have found your icons, you have to make sure that they are all individual images.

3 // next, upload your images to an online image host such as photo bucket.
copy the 'direct' URLs.

4 // Next, go to “Layout”. Click “Add a Gadget” and add an HTML gadget to the sidebar.

5 // Copy and paste the following code into the box:

<a href="link URL here" target="_blank"><img src="image URL here" width="50px" height="50px" /></a>

here are the parts of the code:

link URL here - this is where you paste the link to your profile on that social media.

image URL here - this is where you paste the 'direct' link to your image on photo bucket

50px - here *please make sure both of the green numbers are the same when changing them* put in the width and hight you want your icons to be. The usual is normally 30 to 40px.

6 // Add a new one of these codes for each of your icons until you have all of them.

7 // save!

that's all you have to do to create your own. If you don't quite get it... read it again, a few times and you soon will!
If you don't understand anything, comment below and I will answer as best as I can!

good luck!
chloe x