dunedin holiday


A couple of days ago, my family and I traveled down to Dunedin for the school holidays. In my survey so far, you guys are saying you want to see more of my life and personal posts, so I decided to show you some photos we took and what we did!

As I mentioned in a previous post, my Dad won a little boat trip for his photography, so we stayed in Dunedin for 4 nights and decided to explore more, rather than just shopping (which we still did of course!).

We stayed in a cute little house that had dreamy wooden floors and big windows (I dreamt of redecorating - painting everything white hehe) on the peninsula. On the first night, when we arrived (after a 4 hour drive) we heard of a beach around the corner that had Yellow Eyed Penguins come in every night at dusk. We drove down and then walked to the beach, it was beautiful and had lots of sand dunes. We waited for a while then saw some little guys waddle in! They are so tiny, we had to hide in the sand dunes at least 200m away because if we got any closer they wouldn't come back to the beach. Later on we learnt that Yellow Eyed penguins are the only anti-social penguin, they stay by themselves most of the time. I think they look so cute when they walk! We also found out that there are only 3000 left in the world, and so there are lots of places trying to increase their numbers.

On the second day, we decided to go into the city to the mall, and do some shopping with what I had saved up for ages! We mainly bought party things for my birthday party coming up, I haven't had a birthday party in something like 3 years, and so I wanted to do something this year! It is pink themed and I am SO excited about it, I am thinking of doing a video with some party DIYs! I will see if I have time.

On the third day we did the boat trip, which was called a 'wildlife cruise' and we got to see Albatross, Sea Lions and Fur Seals. The Albatross were insanely huge, they have a wingspan of 3m, and they are pretty scary lookin too. This is my favourite picture of it, I just love the colour of the water and the harsh feel it has (it reminds me of an abstract painting) even though it isn't very sharp. The baby Fur Seals were the cutest, and they climb so high on the rocks!

We also went to a really awesome place where they are trying to increase the numbers of Yellow Eyed Penguins. It is a little beach that is totally out of bounds, so the penguins always come back. They also built really cool trenches with camouflage fabric on them around where they sleep, so you can get up really close without them knowing. I love what they are doing there, that they can help a species re-populate. You do a bush walk into the beach and you can also see little blue penguins (the smallest penguins in the world - 25cm tall) in their little nesting boxes, and Fur Seals really close, while they are sleeping.

This is a photo we got on the way back from the boat trip, I just love the reflections that the city lights were making on the water. My Dad and I like to experiment with his camera, so this photo was something like a 30s exposure. I love it!

On the last full day we went to Tunnel Beach, which was pretty cool, as through the rock (as well as the hole you can see) there was a tunnel with stairs down to the beach on the left in this picture. I just LOVED the beach, and the sound of the waves is just so calming.

This was the little cove from above, that you can only access through the tunnel. On top of the right cliff you can see a little black dot... that is my Mum and my Brother so you can see the scale of how high up the cliffs are! It was so beautiful.

For lunch we visited the only castle in New Zealand, called Larnach Castle - really it was just a posh house! The gardens were the best part, especially this garden which was just full of giant succulents! Chloe heaven!

On the very last day, we went to a little café for lunch, then headed home.

I hoped you liked this post, of course I don't go on holiday often but I would love to still do life type posts! I hope you are all doing well - sorry for abandoning you for so long!

Have a lovely day,
Chloe x