a wee photoshoot with bethy


Sorry I haven't posted for ages... again!

I have been super busy with my first week back at school, handing in assessments etc.

Anyway, a few weeks ago, my friend Beth and I got together and decided to take a few photos for my blog - since I haven't in ages! As you can see, she is so so beautiful I luf her! And then I just do silly faces... but it was fun.

I have also been amazed with the survey results, it actually reached the limit of responses so I have had to set up a new one (still exactly the same) so you can still fill it out with the link on the right>>. Thank you so so much to everyone who has filled it out!

I am SO excited because I have been planning my birthday party, which will be my first one in something like 3 or 4 years! It is pink themed and I am planning to take lots of photos and maybe a video to put on here... ahhhh!!!! I think I will also do an inspiration post next... look out for that!

Recently, you might have also noticed a few minor changes in my design, it is because for a while now the HTML of my blog has been glitching for some reason, and duplicating the CSS so my HTML was in the 100,000s of lines long. ANYWAY, basically I re-wrote my whole HTML code and replaced it with the old one, so now my blog is all better - yay!! Before I couldn't edit my CSS (the way my blog looks) at all. I am so over the moon it is fixed.

I have an incredible amount of exciting stuff coming soon... YAY

Have a lovely day,
chloe x