Hello lovelies,

I asked you all on instagram if you had any questions you wanted to ask... and you came up with these!

If you think I have missed anything out, or you want to ask another question then common below and I will answer it in the comments!

happy reading...

What are your top 3 favourite items in your room?
my laptop, my rubber plant and my new bedside table (which for those of you who wanted to know is made by a friend, sorry!)

What is your #1 holiday destination?
out of places I have been to, probably (of course) Hawaii because it was just so beautiful, relaxed and lovely. There are shops and hotels right on a golden sand beach, it is just amazing.

How did you learn to code your own blog?
WELLLLLL... it took me a bit longer than a year to understand the basics, and I am still confused with a lot of it today. I am definitely still learning. But I am self taught and learnt through mainly experimenting, and in this case google is your best friend.

What is your number one tip for getting new followers?
I would say it is both originality and quality. You really have got to make sure that you put lots of time and effort into making each post fabulous, and make sure it shows. As soon as someone arrives on your site, and they see an awesome post, they will follow - it is simple, just make sure you keep it up!

What camera do you use?
In my past photos I have used a D7000 or a D40 - the D40 is a really basic old camera, but it's good enough for me! When I want to use a tripod, though, or video I use a D7000 (dad's old camera, he just got a D800E but I haven't used that one yet ;))

How long did it take for you to create your shop?
It took months and months for me to plan, buy in supplies, make and order products and then set up online. it is definitely a long process and involves a heap of effort.

How many followers did you have after your first week, first month and first year on your blog?
After my first week I am pretty sure I had 0 followers. After my first month I maybe had 15 or 20. After my first year that is when I had around 200 I think? It is a long process!

what is your favourite food/animal/colour/song?
Food: sushi, bubble tea, smoothies, caramel. Animal: cats! Colour: peach. Song: Kyoto Train by Watercolours.

who and what inspired you to begin blogging?
*a long time ago* I was browsing through craftgawker and found a really cute craft by the first lime (of whom I had no idea of), clicked on it and found her blog. She was the same age, lived across the world, and loved doing what I did. I was sold! I had to make my own blog!

what do you like to do in your free time?
what... other than blogging?? hehe I like reading, listening to music, making random stuff and also designing pointless things.

waffles or pancakes?
pancakes although, overall I prefer crepes!

do you have any photography tips?
lots! I am thinking of doing a post ALL about it soon... what do you think?

do you edit your photos?
yep I do! I think I will explain more in a photography post but yes, I dooo to make them prettier and i will teach you how too! 

would you ever help small blogs become more noticed?
yes I would love love love to - you can email me your blog and I will put a link to it on my blogs page so that you can get some traffic. Go have a read through them and you might find a really lovely blog or two!?

what are your tips for getting noticed if you've just started blogging?
I did find it really hard when I first started, but like I said before, keep posting and try to make your posts the best quality they can be (quality over quantity - if you can do both then 5 gold stars to you, but DO NOT pressure yourself!). To start getting viewers, use social media such as instagram, get followers, direct them to your blog. Also you can contact other small blogs and do ad swaps and guest posts etc. Just keep at it!

where do you get all your room decor from?
I can't really say I do get it all from one place - it is from all over the place! Some of my favourites are Kikki.K, Typo, Ikea, and make your own stuff too - yay!

how do you make your room look so light and airy?
I always make sure my curtains are open (of course) and keep your furniture white or just pale. Then if you want you can decorate with more colours of just keep it simple. And also try to minimise furniture.

what are your desk drawer essentials?
I don't have a desk with drawers... but I guess that means things I like to keep handy around my desk area? I would say I like to keep my current notebook/journal, my diary/planner, cute stickers and tape, my favourite pens and all my cables too.

what are some cool, quick, easy ways to tidy and redecorate your room?
ohhh my there are so many - I feel like that is a great post idea too! I will get to that!

chloe x