new purchases


Last week my family and I took a trip to Dunedin because my Papa was entered into the Otago Wildlife Photography Exhibition that was being exhibited at Otago Mueseum. I was lucky enough to get a day off school so that we could spend the day there, because it is a 4 hour drive each way. In the morning we went shopping (woohoo) and I got my hands on some goodies...

- pencil case from Typo
- Hair Doctor hair and scalp mask from Lush
- diamond shape pot from Typo
- Geo pillowcase from Citta Design
- raindrop stamp from Typo
- pink washi tape from The Warehouse

isn't this pot just so adorable? I put my little baby money tree in it and it looks so cute I can't even. arghhh.

I also bought this hair mask from Lush because, yu' know, when you grow out your hair you get split ends, and then it gets all damaged and all that when you straighten it, and I just wanted something to moisturise it and help it a little! so hopefully this helps!

AND... let me tell you. Citta design is just about my new favourite thing ever, like what? How did I not even know about this NZ company that is just to die for. Well, now I do, and you do too, and we can all obsess together. I bought the geo pillowcase which is in the first photo, and these socks which are too cute.

Don't you love this plant too? I made a light pink macramé thingy for it too and I plan to hang it up soon.

Also, my awesome Dad ending up winning 2 awards - woohoo! I am so proud of him, he won his category (out of 500 people) and also the 15th anniversary special winner. I would really appreciate it if you visited his blog because he just started!

hope you are all having lovely times, stay inspired,
chloe x