a little birdy designs + shop updates

hello lovelies!
some very exciting things have been in the making...

1 // NEW a little birdy designs shop!

I have just opened a new website here for my new blogger designs.
You can now buy custom blog designs or blog elements! YAY!

I just get so many requests from you guys and I hate having to say 'no' or 'sorry I'm too busy at the moment', it just makes me so sad that I can't do things for you guys.
SO... now I have a fancy new system, where you fill out a form, and I set up a custom listing for you that includes just what you want to get your dream blog. once you purchase the listing, we can get working together to achieve exactly what you want.

here is what I am offering:

- full blog designs
- full blog designs plus instalment (instalment includes an HTML blog clean up!)
- blog elements (including headers, social media icons, menu systems etc.)
- blog element plus instalment
read more here

yay yay! I look forward to working with you!

I have been working on this shop for so long I'm just so excited to see what you guys think!

2 // new shop products

including lip balm arghh so cute

and the prettiest mint gold dipped earrings!

yay yay have a look here.

have a great day!
chloe x