wish list

01 // White Plus Linen Pillow + Cotton and Flax
02 // Peach Chambray Quilt Cover + Kip & Co
03 // Resurrection Aromatic Hand Balm + Aesop
04 // Geometric bowl pink hues + Collected
05 // Oh The Places You'll Go + Hunting for George
06 // Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree
07 // Wooden Stapler + Kikki.K

Hello lovelies!
This is my most recent wish list, as you can see, I just LOVE peachy pink too much. I also really want some new bedding and this pink fella from Kip & Co looks so pretty and simple to dress up with cushions. I also really like this print from Hunting for George that says 'Oh the places you'll go'. And I have been desperately hunting for a Fiddle leaf fig tree! I just really need one ;).

I am obsessing over all the cross prints too and this linen cushion from Cotton & Flax is just gorgeous! I love me a good hand cream and the beautiful minimal packaging on the Aesop hand balm looks so nice, and natural too! And last, I have these geometric bowls in the blue shades, and I would really love to get the light pink one as it would suit my room perfectly. So there you go!

And I am so so sorry for the lack of posts - you see it is winter in NZ and when I get home from school I only really have one hour of okay light in my room before it goes dark. One hour isn't really enough time to fit in a DIY but sometimes I can manage it. The only time I can do photography is in the weekend, and recently, I have been super active! I had to do my photography for art last weekend,  and this weekend I have a super exciting 1920s themed birthday party coming up - we are dressing up and watching The Great Gatsby in the cinema! Fun!

So, anyway, I will do what I can, as long as you guys are okay with that! Thanks for putting up with me! I hope you are all doing well too.

have a great day!
chloe x