[ all images from tumblr ]

wow it really has been a while! sorry about that! Quite a few things have been happening, but first, look at these pretty images above.

+ I love this room so much - the colours, the plants, the quote on the wall!
+ I am obsessed with the star constellation patterns - they are so different and pretty I love them! And, I want to do this!
+ loving the dashed paint pattern too
+ this packaging is absolutely gorgeous!
+ I have this urge to cut my hair shoulder length, I think it is just gorgeous.
+ This room is so simple, I love it.
+ A quote to keep you moving!

A few other things I love:

+ I CAN"T WAIT for Beci Orpin's new home range called ARRO to be released! AHHHHH
+ um... I read all 3 books in the Divergent trilogy in 3 days... I am just a tad obsessed. And the movie too... my new fave!
+ I have updated my mixtape too... listen here!

And... you probably want to know what we named kitty! SO... there were so so many comments on the instagram photo I posted of her, and we read through all of them and her name is now... Poppy! Oh my she is so cute and growing so fast! I think the name suits her so much and she is just so darn adorable. She has a light pink collar with white polka dots on it too! I love her!

that's all today... hope you guys have had a great few weeks too!
chloe x