DIY 5 minute cushions

hello lovelies!
today I finally have a new DIY for you! It is super duper simple and fast, and I make so many... cushions! This method is so quick, with a sewing machine they only take around 5 minutes to make. lets go!

you will need //
fabric, zip, pins, scissors, pillow inner and a measuring tape.

extra tools //
sewing machine, iron (optional)

1 // cut 2 squares of your chosen fabric (I cut one of each print). I cut mine 54cm square.

2 // pin your zip upside-down centred on one of the sides of your squares like so.

3 // sew down the left side, where you pinned.

4 // place your other square face up, and lay the other square face down on top. pin the zip again on the other edge, upside-down on the other fabric like so.

5 // sew down where you pinned, it should look like this when you open it out.

6 // fold it back over so that the good sides are facing in, and pin either side of the zip.

7 // sew on each side of the zip.

8 // with the good sides facing in, pin right around the edge of the square. make sure you open half of the zip so that you can turn it inside out once you have finished sewing.

9 // sew right around the square, around the line you pinned. on the corners, rotate the fabric and sew a couple of times diagonally on the corners to make sure the stitching is secure.

10 // turn your it inside out through the zip, and stuff your cushion inner inside.

that's it! I have made 5 cushions so far using this method and its so easy you'll just want to make more!

some customisations:
+ add pom pom fringe to the edges!
+ if you don't have a zip, use this method
+ make a geometric cushion by using two different fabrics on the front and sewing them together first.
+ paint your own pattern on fabric with fabric paint

have fun and see you soon!
chloe x