what makes me happy

hello ♡♡
how have you been?
It is April now - golly this year is flying by already. When I turned over my calendar, it read: 'Do more of what makes you happy'. I really love this quote because it applies to absolutely everybody. And it encourages you to live your life to the full - being happy.
Sometimes, I feel like this quote can be expanded a bit, because not only activities can make you happy, but objects, places and people can too. So here are a few things that make me happy.

1 // new plants. I got this baby ^^ recently, I almost collapsed when I saw it. It is a baby money tree. I planted him in this little mint coloured ceramic cup, and every glimpse makes me smile.

2 // pom poms + cushions (even better when they are combined). Oh look at those colours they are so me! I got this cushion from typo when my mum took a day trip to the city (I didn't get to go because of school waaa). She just knows me too well (love you mum!)

3 // making new things. I made a new macrame hanger with plain white string and wooden beads. I put a little cactus in there and he looks so cosy! I love the minimalist look this one has.

4 // organising. Putting stickers, paper, tiny paper things and notebooks into boxes (I have like 5 boxes now), writing in notes in my journal, and sticking washi tape on stuff. The simple things in life get me the most!

Some recent things that also make me happy //

+ I have updated the design a tiny tiny bit around here - like the new 'most popular' thang going on? I just love it when HTML works! Its so pwettyyy

+ I have been writing for reef magazine every saturday (its an awesome online mag, check it out!) you can read the posts I have written so far here

+ yen mag followed me on instagram. what? yep you read right. YEN MAG FOLLOWED ME ON INSTAGRAM (screams and throws glitter in the air) I is so happy.

+ the shop is going well... stuff is selling out guys so get on it if you want to buy pronto ♡

and that is all!

so, what makes you happy?

have a lovely day,
chloe x