don't you just love this crafty display? I think it is so pretty.
anyway, I am so excited, because it is now the holidays!! woop woop!
I just wanted to have a quick catch up because I have been SO busy in these last few weeks.

school // I have had an internal pretty much every day for the past few weeks. It is crazy. And good news, today I got an excellence for my statistics internal! yayyyy! I am so happy! It was worth 4 credits!

painting // I have recently been painting a magnolia flower to enter into a local art exhibition - so exciting! Every night I have been solidly painting for 4 or more hours, and I finished today!

blogging // I have been writing a lot of blogging tips recently, because I have been asked so much so prepare for learning hehe!

music // oh music is the one thing that helps stress for me! I have been listening to lots of Haim, Lorde, Daughter, and a few other randoms. I made a new mixtape with my Spotify that you can listen to if you click on the 'mixtape' link in my header!

loving // I have a serious obsession with Beci Orpin. And, her new home wares range 'Arro Home'? NO. oh no. I think I may have to do some saving - it looks SO gorgeous! I have been reading and re-reading Find & Keep so much. And I got the new frankie too - the cover is so so amazing I love it!

thinking // what do you want to see on this here blog? I have lots of spare time for the next two weeks so that means I can write heaps of posts, so, what do you want to see?? Comment below!

have a lovely day,
chloe x