etsy faves

I love Etsy. Browsing through and shopping for awesome handmade stuff from across the world is pretty neat! Etsy is one of those websites for me though, where I completely forget about it and don't look at it for months, then I remember it and start browsing thinking 'oh this is okay', and then I really get into it and find the most gorgeous things and I can't stop. So that happened yesterday, and I decided that I would show you my favourites!


+ Organic Jacho Lip Butter - Morning Calm
+ Coral dip dye cotton tote - Ziazia
+ Rod and Tod - Min Pin
+ White dip twig pencils - Inkkit
+ Man and Woman cushion covers - Depeapa
+ Jewel soap sampler box - Vice and Velvet

hope you are having a great week, and sorry that I haven't replied to some of your emails - I am having a big email fest today!
chloe x