loving lately

hello lovelies.
I have been obsessing over quite a lot of stuff lately... so I thought I would explain today! How are you? I have done my maths internal... though the results come through next week. Ahhh I'm really nervous to see what I got!! I have also been super busy planning, making and... well I won't tell you anymore because it's a big surprise! On with the post...

1 // Mastering your DSLR workshop // A Beautiful Mess shop
I would LOVE to do this workshop - in my dreams. It sounds so so great and I feel like I would learn so much... I'm so sad there is only one because I would just love to buy it as an ecourse!

2 // miso handmade tattoos
Im not really into the whole tattoo deal at all. I mean, they're great, but I prefer the little ones. These tattoos - are absolutely amazing. I want. I don't care its a tattoo, I just need it! And Beci Orpin has one too, on the back of her neck. I don't know why but I love the thought of having one on the inside of my finger... someday maybe! I just love all of them!

3 // Bedside table // Pop & Scott
I love the simple-ness of this table. It has space for books, and plenty of space on the top. I would really like to make something like it... without the drawer thing part, and colour block the bottom white. yes.

4 // Bronte Chelsea boots // Windsor smith
people. I NEED. These boots are a must have for my wardrobe I am seriously obsessing.

5 // amazing things from ban.do
I mean. how did I not know about this? I am just sitting. open mouthed at how amazingly gorgeous this stuff is. WOW!

6 // The Luna Collection // Jasmine Dowling
oh my - she's done it again! I love everything Jasmine does, I seriously need to get my hands on one of these prints!

SO that is what I have been loving... do you love these things? What else have you been loving?
chloe x

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