DIY // mini banner

hello lovelies!
sorry for my absence, I seem to be getting busier by the second, and time seems to be flying more and more! maybe I'm just having too much fun... without knowing it!
Anyway, today I made the cutest darn thing! A little banner. I included a really cute quote, and a little diamond too... in GOLD paint. I bough this last week and now I want to paint the world gold. I love it. It looks so magical!

I have seen these little banners on pinterest, and wanted so desperately to make my own. I included a printable for you guys with a few fonts of the quote 'be happy, be bright, be you' too, it is so much easier than making it up! And of course feel free to customise this all you want! different quotes, colours, fabrics, you could sew something on to it, add pom poms or anything you like.

SO, you will need //

paper or printable (or both!), plain fabric, pencil, size 1 paint brush, stick/skewer, scissors, embroidery thread/string, acrylic paint, glue.
optional: textile medium or fabric paint for if you want it to be 100% permanent if you feel like you will spill something on it or get it wet.

1 // print off the quotes, or start drawing some designs on your paper.

2 // choose your design, and lay your fabric over the top. Position it where you want and draw a rectangle around it with pencil.

3 // Cut out your rectangle (mine ended up being 19 x 13cm) and fold it in half long ways. Cut along a diagonal to the fold as shown above to create your point.

4 // open it up, and tape your chosen quote to the back.

5 // Paint over the quote as if you were tracing.

6 // next I painted a little diamond at the bottom.

7 // cut your skewer to the right size, I left about 2cm extra on each end.

8 // place a line of glue along the fabric, where you want the skewer to be. Make sure you use paper underneath because sometimes the glue goes through the fabric.

9 // stick your skewer on top and leave to dry.

10 // measure out then tie your string to the ends of the stick.

that's it! I love love love this so much, it is such a unique way to display a quote! I hope you have a go, they are so very easy to make.

have a lovely day,
and don't forget to be happy, be bright, be you.
chloe x