creating the perfect wall collage

hello lovelies!
today, I thought I would start a super fun series type thing. My most requested post ever after I did my room tour, was how to get your room organised and pretty. And to be honest, the only reason I haven't done it yet, is because I have no idea where to start! I have so much to say. So I decided I could do more than one post about it, on the individual bits instead of one, very long post.

this is the first post of that topic. creating the perfect wall collage.

Wall collages are a super fun way of showing your favourite photos, illustrations and paper goods. It's nice to have some structure to them, and balance the sides and everything like that. And it's not easy!
Chloe to the rescue!

first, gather all of your beautiful things. Some of the things you can use are: posters, prints, washi tape, string, bakers twine, calendars, envelopes, photos, polaroids, cards, labels, cut-outs and anything you love.
I look at my pile, find colours, things that match, and also different sizes are good to look for.

the first collage I put together has a blue and yellow theme. These two colours compliment each other so well! I started with my printed jasmine dowling quote. It's good to have some black and white in with your collage too. I wanted to make this the main feature of this cluster so I chose other small things to go with it. I used blue washi tape to match the kikki.k card that says '2014 this is your year', and small yellow accents. try to vary sizes, shapes, and include something other than just paper i.e. string, tape etc.

Tips //
- choose a colour theme. either stick with one or two colours.
- vary shapes and sizes
- vary textures

the second collage's colour theme is mint and pink. To start off this collage, I decided to use my 'papa racoon' print, and pick out some colours from it to make the rest of the collage. I picked the two dominant colours of the pic - mint and pink. I chose 3 polaroids and stuck them up with pink washi tape to match a pink heart, and to match the mint I chose a mint and blue camera cut out from kikki.k

Tips //
- start with the piece you want to be seen first, and work from there.
- choose colours from that piece.

this collage is minimalist, with some purple. It best portrays the mixed media you can use. I started with my jasmine dowling calendar. I wanted to incorporate a plant, so I chose lavender and hung it and the calendar up with purple washi tape. I also used a polaroid of a plant, and a little clothes tag.

Tips //
- imagine it like you are placing photos in a collage digitally, and use structure.
- make it gorgeous to look at, and inspiring too.

once you find more matching pieces, add on to your collage and build it up bigger and bigger.

If you don't like the structure of these as much, try creating an inspiration wall. this means, go random, as in colours and structure. this is just meant to display all of your most favourite and inspiring things. they are so fun!

I hope this helped you to create your own wall collage, I change my walls up all the time so I love creating different collages. Have fun!
have a lovely day,
chloe x