room tour take 2

hello hello!
I am just super excited right now. wow. here it is - finally - finished. my new room yay!
so its confusing but my previous room tour was just of my desk, and I was going to do a part 2 of the rest of my room but, it seems in my excitement that I have changed it around already. SO... new room completely? Basically my desk was on the wall where my bed is now, so I don't have my shelf above my desk anymore. BUT the main reason I did swap this was for a few reasons: one, I actually like my bed under my shelf, its so pretty. two, my desk now has SO much more light for photography - it was much darker on he other side! three, I would have had no where to put my little chair! So anyway, I love it, and lets get on with the tour!

The photo above is an over view of where everything is in my room. I was standing in the doorway so the windows are opposite. My wardrobe is built in on the wall to the left  behind the door (which is sometimes quite annoying because it whacks against the other door). anyway...

this is a little picy of my desk, I love it so much. on my window sill I have three little terracotta pots that I painted white. I have an aloe, a 'bunny ear' cactus and another succulent. I get a lot of questions about my desk, the trestles are from ikea and the top in just a plain, unpainted new door I bought at my local hardware store. I have a stack of my favourite books to the left including rookie yearbooks 1&2, find and keep, ABM photo book and my extracurricular mags.

this is my bed area - I know some people don't like showing their beds but I don't really see anything wrong with it - I love my bed area its so pretty! Last weekend I was searching for a bed to buy because I was just sleeping on my mattress, but beds in NZ are always so so expensive, because I like frames with pale or white wood hehe! So I started designing and came up with this. I went to my local hardware store, priced up the wood, then went home and priced up the bed and my dad said we could do it because it came up to less than a quarter of the average pre-made bed. My plan was to make the bed myself, but I needed my lovely dad to do all the drilling and cutting because... I know I would most likely cut off my hand. But it worked and we did it all in less than a day!

My bedside table is from the warehouse but can also be bought at ikea. I dip dyed (spray painted) the ends of the legs white! On top is my money tree which is my favourite plant in my room, and the little pot cover I made.

Then I have my quotes calendar from kikki.k, and the garland up the top I made, inspired by beci orpin's book find and keep.

my garland under my shelf has my jasmine cowling 2014 calendar, a few polaroids and some cute quote cards.

this is the corner next to my wardrobe which is on the left. on the wall I have a black triangle garland I made from black card, pink cotton and washi tape. I have my favourite frankie poster which says 'save room for dessert' which I highly agree with. I also have an old black and white pic of my mums cat from when she was my age, I just love it and I will show you close up some time! And then there is my fave picy of my kitty, both of which I taped up to the wall with pick washi tape.

My curtains are from ikea in a pretty black and white print with trees and birds.

below is my chair...

I made the cushion from my favourite fabric from ikea. The moon chair I found at a recycling centre and scored for only $5! The fake sheepskin is from ikea.

here is a close up of my bed, i have a blanket down the end from ikea. I just have a plain white duvet cover. the black cushion I made from fabric from ikea again - just a black version of the one on my chair.

I also made this lamp from the left over wood from making my bed! I have seen this style all over pinterest and thought it would be so easy to make and it definitely was! I just used the lamp shade thing off my old ikea lamp which was only $5.

I have already showed you my desk but I may as well show you again because some things have changed! On my desk to the left I have a crate where I keep all my pretty things like pencil cases, stickers, journals, pens etc which are mostly all from kikki.k and typo!

beside the crate are my 2 wooden pen pots. in the left I keep tool-like things like brushes, glue, scissors and pencils. in the right I have lots of coloured pen and pencil sets, normal pens and highlighters. These are from ikea and came in a set of three with a bigger box.

now down below, on the first trestle I keep all my unwritten-in typo notebooks (I have quite a collection going - I just can't resist) and two boxes I covered in brown paper. In the bottom are just some stickers and pretty things and in the top is some of my camera equipment.

on the second trestle I have a basket with all my pretty papers, more stickers and stuff like that. I also keep two plastic jars of embroidery thread and beads there.

back on top of my desk in the middle I have another succulent, the pot is from ikea. my bowl of washi tape, the bowl was from a local design store. a china mint pen pot with my coloured fine liners. a plastic pink pot where I keep my most used pens, and my rifle paper co. cities calendar.

now on my shelf I have my polaroids, the big wooden box from ikea and a stack of yen magazines with a cactus and my favourite sunglasses on top.

And I think thats it!
I hope you enjoyed this lovelies,
I might do some detailed tours of how I organise, and whats in all the boxes and stuff - what do you think?
Also, if you have any questions, comment below!
see you next time!
chloe x