hello there! 
it feels like I haven't posted in a super long time! I really do have even more exciting things coming up... don't worry! I thought I would just do a little update post!

1 // I painted my little pots, before they were just white... but it got boring!
one is black dots, one is mint dip dyed, and one is black (really bad) scallop patterned.
I just love how cute they look now. And, see the plant on the left, it has a flower stem thing that is like a meter long, its crazy! it has little white flowers on the end... so pretty!

2 // I got the new frankie + yen, and BOY are they wonderful. I am so so happy I have a subscription to frankie, I would still be waiting about 2 weeks to get it if not. 
Above is my FAVE oh my, Beci Orpin's home is just to die for. LOVE!

3 // Also last weekend I went to a beautiful place called the blue pools. I never really talk about family outings any more, but I like to... this one is so amazing. If you ever visit the south island of NZ, this place is a must-see! Just look how blue those pools are ;) Seriously though, the pools were SO deep and you can see right to the bottom, and its SO blue because its glacier water... but Im not about to give you a lesson on that!

Argh so fab!

and some pretty leafy trees! You walk through a really pretty beech forest, then you cross 2 swing bridges over the river, where the pools are. I know this area quite well because I am a kiwi ranger tehe! I was actually on the news for it lol (sorry that was necessary!) I had an interview in the forest and I was DOC (department of conservation NZ) young person of the year... just thought I would tell you because I don't think I ever have! Im into environment stuff... anyway going to stop now...

Also I am SUPERLY DUPERLY enjoying music at the mo... my top 3 are:

1 // Vancouver Sleep Clinic - Collapse, Vapour
thanks to lovely zoe

2 // Lorde - Ribs, Buzzcut Season

3 // London Grammar - Stay Awake,  Nightcall, Strong

you can listen to them all on my playlist page here

anyway, hope you enjoyed this little random post... I have been so busy with school, I like year 11 so far... you can feel the pressure though because it's the first year with exams that matter! 

hope you are all having fabulous days, weeks etc...
if not, I hope you have fabulous and lovely days from now on!

chloe x