february already?

um... where did january go? it disappeared in the blink of an eye. Now its school time, meh. But I think we all need to listen to Kikki.K's February calendar ^^. I just realised that in no time at all I have already done amazing things in 2014!
- swapped around my room
- gained SO many new readers
- did some of my favourites DIYs ever on this blog
- started a sponsor page, visit up above!
- made a bed and started to finish off my room
- got organised

 - am LOVING the song Buzzcut Season on Lorde's album Pure Heroine. No actually I love all the songs but especially this one.

- started to FINALLY read Under Wildwood because I got it over a year ago now! Im just deeply in love with the illustrations Carson Ellis does. ahhhhh.

- and sometimes, just sometimes, getting ready for school can be fun. Organising, creating and especially covering my gorgeous new books and not having the clear covering go bubbly is just bliss.

what are you loving when you look on the bright side?
chloe x