what is on my iPad?

First post of the week! yay so, I will be posting everyday this week!
Also - happy birthday to the most wonderful friend Zali over at Miss Zali - go wish her happy birthday because she is so so kind and lovely!
today I am going to show you what is on my new iPad that I have been saving up for.
I love these types of posts so I thought you might too!

so this is what my lock screen and home page look like! I have my kitty on the lock screen because I just love that photo and the prettiest flowers as my home screen off pinterest here.

1 // Moleskine
the first app I want to show you is the moleskine app. This app is so so cool and I can't believe it is so unknown because it is free!
Basically you can make as many moleskine journals as you want, in all the styles moleskine have including plain, ruled, square, storyboard, recipe books, weekly planners and more. You can either freehand draw or type, change the colours of the books, add images and so much more stuff, it is so amazing and one of the best journal apps you can get. I love it!

2 // VSCO cam
I love VSCO cam mainly for its filters, they are just stunning, and well known of course. They add such a dreamy effect, that makes your photos look so so cool, yet almost grungy.

3 // Afterlight
Afterlight is a really cool app that lets you do a variety of cool things to your photos. It has awesome borders, filters and abilities to change the basics such as brightness etc.

4 // ABM
I love this firstly because its made by awesome bloggers and secondly because its an awesome app. I love the hand drawn borders, doodles and fonts they make your photos so pretty!

5 // Over
Over by far has the best overlays. The text thingys are all so cool and I love them.

6 // Sketchbook Pro
I use sketchbook pro for all my blog illustrations, I love the simple tool bar and basically, just the way it works. It's smooth and user friendly.

7 // iFontMaker
oh so many possibilities - this app is so fun and easy to use, and most of all, amazingly you can make YOUR OWN fonts! SO so cool!

8 // Etsy
I love just browsing etsy for pretty things. I just end up wanting to spend so much money its crazy.

9 // Instagram
umm. of course! I love instagram so much its great!

10 // Pinterest
I love pinterest for iPad its so easy to use and see all your pins. I love to browse a bit too much!

yay! So that's what I have on my iPad, I don't have a second home page, for some reason i just like having one. I hope you discovered maybe one new app? Although they are all pretty popular!
Anyway I will see you tomorrow for.. what? Another post? what is going on!?
chloe x