room obsessions

^^the everyday chaos of my desk... mostly because of photography for this here blog!^^

anyway...hello all...
I am addicted to room design...
ahhhhhh no... but I do love it.
and I realised this when, yes, yes indeed, I have changed my room around before the second room tour. oh no! this means I will have to do an extra one... oh yes!
because I realised, my room isn't done yet! I want to tweak and add so many things... like a bed might be a good idea.. ha! because I don't have one of those yet!
and a few SUPER DUPER exciting things coming up on my blog for youuu that will change it! oh so exciting.
so today I have for you my recent main inspirations and reasons too for why I changed my room around.

source // left: tumblr post right: pinterest pin

what I love about it //
the feel is just so casual yet so chic. I especially love the wall hangings and hanging planter!
so this is the image that inspired me most to change around. I have a corner exactly like this in my room, which is where my desk was (left edge of my desk was in the corner), and I just LOVE this image so I decided to move my desk under my window (which is now way way better for photography) and my bed in the corner. The only real downside to this is that my shelf is on the wall above my bed, not my desk :(. But to be honest I actually really like it there. It also makes the room look bigger which is always a bonus.

source // left: tumblr post right: tumblr post

what I love about it //
I love the airiness and simplicity of this one. especially the hanging planter and the wooden box.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the light pink theme going on, it makes me want to do my room like that ahhh. I especially love the black and white images taped to the wall with baby pink washi tape, and the beautiful collection of pens for every arty need. YES PLEASE!

source // left: unknown right: unknown

what I love about it //
those plants. ahhh. that desk lamp. ahhh. that desk. ahhh. just so perfect!
the airiness, the plants, the colours, the wood, the furniture, the feel!

so... sometime when I have a bed (PS anyone know good places to buy beds in nz?) and my room is all sorted, I can show you!
(and PPS, it does look better than that first messy photo!)
oh my I am so excited about some of the things I have coming up for you guys... there are literally 5 exciting things/posts coming up! yay!
see ya tomorrow!
chloe x