my room tour // part 1

ahhhhhh hello! Isn't this so exciting!? Well, it is to me! Because I have just moved I have been able to re-design my room and just make it fabulous! I have been planning this for a long time, considering I actually bought Ikea stuff in two other countries for it, since (very tragically) there is no Ikea in New Zealand. And I just love Ikea. I bought my trestles home from France and those shelf brackets to match, and a few other bits and bobs I'm sure I will explain in the next photos! I think it has turned out better than I imagined, and also a wee bit pinker than I imagined tehe but I love it!

This is only part one of the tour since I don't actually have a bed frame yet so I am sleeping on a mattress on the floor. And I also have a few DIY things to finish it all off. But my desk is my first priority because I knew it would just be GORGEOUS when I was done. On with the tour!!

So... This is my desk ^^
As I said, I got beech trestles from Ikea, which I love love love. For the top I just used a new door! I kinda like how its white on top and wood on the edges! Also in Ikea I got shelf brackets to match the trestles, and so that I could hang a pretty garland on them.

In the crate on the left I keep all my prettiest Kikki.K stationary and pencil cases. The crate is from a local cafe but I'm sure if you liked it you could make one or find one similar!

On my desk is my mint geo bowl of washi tape, a mint ceramic pen pot with all my fine liners in, and my cities calendar from rifle paper co.

This is what I hang on my garland (left to right) - warning: there is a LOT of Kikki.K!
Kikki.K quote (celebrate today)
Kikki.K card (I just want to make beautiful things)
Kikki.K gift card
instax mini picture
lovely postcard from lovely Zali
Kikki.K card (do more of what makes you happy)
Kikki.K tag (make today happy)
Typo papa raccoon print
instax mini picture
Stay Home Club card
Kikki.Kmini card cut-out camera
Kikki.K card (2014 this is your year)
Kikki.K fruit print, instax mini picture
Kikki.K card cut-out (today is a great day!)

Here I have my now rather large pile of magazines. I just love them. I think I have 2 random frankie issues - 28 and 31, then from 48 all the way to the current issue, 57. They are the best. Then I have yen magazines from issue 54 to 65, but I haven't got the latest yen yet :(. I also have 2 peppermint mags, issues 19 & 20. I keep a tiny Kikki.K calendar sat on top that is just so cute.

Then here is another angle (I feel like I'm boring you now!)
I have my pretty little money tree which i think is so cute, and I made a little fabric slip thing for it to make it pretty. Then I have my lovely new books - Rookie yearbooks 1 & 2, Find & Keep by Beci Orpin and the ABM photo idea book. Then there are my extra curricular mags - if you live in NZ have a peek! They are really cool! Then my beloved little precious thing - my instax mini agh so cute!

This is what is on my shelf above my desk. My two lovely polaroids which unfortunately I have not got film for yet, its just so expensive! Then I also have my ikea box which came in a set of three with my two pen pots on my desk. In there  I keep all my paints including my water-colours.

So this is my lovely blogging station! I love just looking up at the prettiness and all the inspiring things.

This is the pic I posted on instagram when I was first organising! Its so pretty and pink.

Anyway, I hope you liked the first room tour, and you are inspired to create your own lovely space! I just love my desk, its so me!

see you next time, have a lovely day.
Chloe x