my beauty favourites

for day two of my blogging fest I thought I would show you my recent beauty favourites! Yay!
I have never done this before but I think its fun. You may think I am just into crafts and stuff but no way! I love love love beauty and fashion so much too!
So, here are my 5 recent favourites.

1 // Honey Trap Lip balm - Lush
I showed you this lip balm in a recent post, but after using it for a bit, I absolutely love it. It says it is made with yummy things like white chocolate, honey and vanilla - yum! It stays on for ages unlike some other lip balms which you have to keep re-applying over and over. It smells divine, and I can actually read all the ingredients on the back which is a bonus - compared to some which are so confusing they get your tongue tangled when you read them out loud. Yay!

2 // Chocomania Body Lotion - The Body Shop
Oh my gosh. I picked this up in a recent Body shop sale and I am so glad because it is divine. Just like the name, it is chocolate heaven. It smells so so good, and of course moisturises so so good just like any other Body Shop moisturiser. If you have a Body Shop near you, this is on sale at the moment so snatch it up quick!

3 // I Love Juicy Shampoo - Lush
When I was in Lush a while back, there was a sale of course. I wanted a new shampoo and I picked up this one - at first I was a little suspicious as to whether it would lather just like commercial shampoos, but it was cheap and only small so I thought why not? I am so glad I bought it! This smells like amazing fresh fruit salad - seriously good! And, guess what, it lathers perfectly! My hair smelt so so good afterwards too! It says it has mango, pineapple, kiwi and papaya! yum yum yum.

4 // Facial exfoliant - Grown
I love this brand so much. While it is on the pricey side, this is the first product I tried and I loved it. Though, most of the reason why it is pricey is because it is organic and fresh. This is a really good facial exfoliant, and is not harsh on skin. It says it has peppermint, juniper berry, pink grapefruit and jojoba micro beads to exfoliate. It just smells fresh and yummy. I do love their packaging as well!

5 // Define & Lengthen Mascara - The Body Shop
This is my favourite mascara, the brush just does exactly what it says - lengthens and defines my lashes so much. You don't have to put much on either! I also really like their formula because it stays on for the whole day yet comes off very easily.

yay! I hope you enjoyed this post!
See you tomorrow for more posts yay!
chloe x