inspiration is all around you

hello there!
oh I seem to be leaving posts quite a while apart. But do not worry! Next week I have scheduled a special event... I will be blogging once everyday for a whole week! Woo-hoo!
I hope you will get time to read every one, that would be so fun! (stop rhyming you poet!)

But anyway... today I will be showing you how to find good inspiration from when you feel drained, un-enthusiastic, lost or you just want more!

Inspiration is a pretty important thing I think. It sparks new ideas, events, happiness and so without it we would be boring. meh. But sometimes when you feel like you have nothing it is not easy to find inspiration, but that is because you are not thinking deep enough! (I'm not asking you to be hippy)
here is my theory:

"Inspiration is all around you"

Just because it is.

Here are ways I find inspiration easily, then we go to ways you can find it EVERYWHAER!

1 // frankie
ohhhh yes. frankie is inspiring to me. if you don't read frankie though, any magazine can be inspirational.
Look for the things you go 'oooh' or 'ahhh' or in my case 'arghhhh so pretty!' at and bookmark them. Keep looking for colours, ideas, and think deeper about each one.

eg. like you see a pretty bag that you NEED so you go 'how can I get this bag?'
(1. buy it, 2. its too expensive, make something like it)
I need to think... hmm so I can buy that material, maybe make it bigger, change the pattern and the shape, and wha-la you have a new idea that looks nothing like the original and is WAY more useful to you. Get it now?

Its the same with colours...
'hmm that colour would go really nice with... maybe I could make this'
'hmm that colour is so pretty i could use that when I...'
'hmm that colour I love it! I want it in my room... (makes a mood board with the colour)'

and you have some amazing stuff goin on!

I find inspiration from:
- frankie
- yen
- peppermint
- extra curricular
- mollie makes
- the simple things

2 // books books books!
If you have crafting or creative books, flick throught them to find ideas but if you have boring or normal books, what I do is look at the design. I think ooh that line goes well with the format (I sound like a loser now!) or I like the colour palette etc.

I find inspiration from:
- A beautiful mess
- find & keep
- rookie yearbooks 1 & 2
- wildwood & under wildwood

are important. they are feelings, they are powerful... I just can't imagine the world without them (although a black and white world would be pretty cool... #nofilter!). But anyway, since we do have them, its important to let colours inspire you. Like at the moment I am really loving soft light pink, even though I hate to admit it because... I don't know. I just love the way it looks in little bits of my room, like my instax mini is pink and even that new pom pom stuff from the last post.
Like this photo above. Don't you just love the vibrance and I especially love that little coral-y pink in the top left next to the fluoro pink! It just makes me want to draw with that pen now or paint my walls that colour.

I find inspiration from:
- everywhere!

4 // the internet.
how could I leave it out? A massive library full of inspiration for you. Pinterest, tumblr, blogs, websites, shops, stuff its just all there for us to be happy and entertained. I love it and thats why I'm here today. Here you are, looking at my blog for inspiration, funny that! Just browse, colours, pretty things. For what I love, take a look at my pinterest, tumblr, other social media, my favourite blogs and all that. Because that is what I look at!

I find inspiration from:
- my favourite blogs
- pinterest
- tumblr
- craftgawker

the definition of inspiration for some people is:
I like it so I copy it exactly and call it my own
no people. that is not inspiration.
Inspiration is being inspired by something, to create or do of think something different. It basically puts you on a thought train so you get ideas from that. it is not COPY.
Here is the official definition:

mass noun ] the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

    the words i want you to pick up here are:

mass noun ] the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

so there ya go. No copying people!

I hope you enjoyed this post and got some inspiration from it (wink)!

Inspiration is all around you!

chloe x