DIY // macramé plant hanger

oh my oh my oh my. I am in love - no joke - with this thing.
seriously this is probably my fave DIY so far, and it is unbelievably simple!
a macrame plant hanger - I've seen them everywhere - frankie, pinterest, tumblr and i have wanted - no no no. NEEDED one of them for ages. But then looking at them I thought I could make one pretty simply!
All together this costed me about $15 NZD so its really cheap and achievable.
Lets get making!

PS. I actually have no idea if I'm doing it right. Ive seen pictures, I made up my own version and I made up how to do everything by just looking at pictures so I'm probably doing everything wrong. I just remembered the twist braid from making friendship bracelets in primary school. I actually really love how it turned out though!

you can customise this to make it unique and your own, but if you just follow these simple steps then it will be perfect!

you will need:

a small terracotta pot // mine is 8cm in diameter (or 3¼")=
a paint brush // mine is medium, you could also use a sponge or spray paint (beware, I tried multi-purpose spray paint and it failed - it cracked and didn't look good.)
newspaper // or something to protect the ground from paint
a little plant // make sure it fits in your terracotta pot! Its also nice to get one that kind of drapes down the sides.
white house paint // I just bought a plain white test pot from my local hardware store.
embroidery thread // I used four, each were 8m long. - the traditional method uses string but I didn't really know anywhere I could get pink string. this is a simple and effective alternative!

extras not pictured:

undercoat house paint (if you want - its better. mine was left over from painting the house.)

1 // paint your terracotta pot in undercoat. First place it upside-down and paint the outside. Let dry. Turn it over and paint half way (or all the way) down the inside.

2 // next paint over it in your white paint. You only need one or two coats, depending if you used undercoat or not. Let dry.

3 // string out each of your embroidery threads. Now fold them in half once, then again, then fold again but this time, where you fold is going to be where the hanger hangs from.

4 // bundle all of your threads together, the loop in the picture is the hanging part. this means your folded thread is about one meter long.

5 // at the loop, twist and then tie in a knot.

6 // below the knot, split the thread into the four original sections.

7 // now its time for braiding -
first join the two middle sections together.
Get your right side thread - cross it over the middle, and under the left.

8 // get your left side thread - cross it under the middle and up through the right side loop.
Pull tight and keep on going like this!

9 // I made my braid 9cm, or 3½" long.

10 // once you are done, tie a knot right at the bottom of the braid.

11 // below the knot, split your thread into four sections again.

12 // measure 19 cm or 7" down from the big knot and tie a knot.

13 // do this on all four strands.

14 // now, below those knots, split the strand in two, evenly.

15 // do this to all four strands so that you now have eight.

16 // tie two of the split strands together, like in the photo. But, tie about 5-6cm or 2¼ "down from the last knot. You are creating a fish net pattern.

17 // do this to all strands like in the photo, and then do the same to the two edge strands so it creates a circle.

18 // test the size around your pot. Mine wouldn't fit the first time, so I had to loosen the knots and tie them further down.

19 // now, tie the strands together once more, creating another layer of fish net.

20 // take it off your pot and leave about 5cm or 2" and tie a big knot at the end.

21 // place your pot inside and see how it hangs and if it fits!

22 // next I cut off some of the remaining thread off the bottom so I only had about 9cm or 3½" left.
I tied knots in the end of every two threads to finish it off.
place your plant inside and you are DONE!!

isn't it just so adorably amazingly cute and pretty and wow? I mean, I just love it. I hung it off my shelf brackets.

here is what it looks like ^^ and this is a close up of the twist braid thing that just makes to so cool! ^^
I really hope you have a go - all together this was so easy and I am pretty sure I want to make more!
have a go!
chloe x