DIY // free printable school book covers

hello hello!

for my last day of my blogging fest, here is a good one...

a free printable for back to school!

I am going back in less than a week and I still haven't got all my stationary to cover, but I found two spare books so that I could show you today!

I think this is so so pretty and I just love how the different colours help you find your book easier so you know... oh yes pink is english or maths is orange etc.

I have made 4 colours - pink, orange, blue and black.

Also there are hand drawn white spots and black spots so you have 8 possible combinations. you could always mix it up if you have more as well!

you can download the printable


lets get making!

you will need // printable // white paper // glue stick // scissors // school books

optional (recommended) clear sticky covering

1 // First, glue all over the front cover of your book, make sure you cover every area with glue because otherwise there will be bubbles under the paper.

2 // Stick a piece of white paper on the front, just before the spine so you have extra to fold over the right edge.

3 // snip off the corners of the paper

4 // Fold in the edges and glue them down.

5 // Do the front and back covers like this.

6 // Now repeat steps 1-5 but again with the spotty paper.

7 // Now cut out one of the coloured strips from the printable and fold it in half length-ways.

8 // Glue this to the spine one half at a time.

9 // Cut off the extra spine paper and then cut out a name/subject label. Stick it on.

10 // I would recommend covering your finished books with protective clear covering, because then they won't get dirty or ripped. I haven't bought mine yet, I'm going to buy it with th rest of my stationary then cover everything!

you're done! Aren't they lovely? I just can't wait to have all mine done and all the colours looking pretty.

I hope you use the printable or at least you are inspired!

chloe x